Friday, January 10, 2014

Know where you’re heading and adapt along the way

Wildwood Tarot
The overall energy of this day for me is all about the Knight of Vessels – Eel. I love how this creature slithers through the still water leaving only some small ripples behind him. It seems like he doing this effortless but this eel is swimming such a long distance, there must be a strong persistent drive to persevere this journey. He has a goal buried deep inside him. And after reaching the final destination he will return to where he was born to spawn and die. Seems pointless, if you don’t count the experience and maturation he’s had along the way. This Knight teaches me to go for what I believe in; to follow my drive and yet to understand it is not all about me. There is a greater good to be accountable for. My children,my husband, my community,the environment. Not every quest has to be ego based.
Faeries' Oracle
The Bright Mother of the Faeries’ Oracle has clarified this for me. This faerie is the equivalent of the Empress and the Goddess. The nurturing creative aspect of ourselves. Today it’s a time to put the needs of others first. And that’s okay because the Bright Mother speaks of sharing the abundance: there is enough love and patience for everybody. There're a lot creatures in this card. Do they all want something of her or are they also giving to her so she can be replenished from time to time?
She also teaches us to take stock of our lives and to evaluate and perhaps to change some things.
Consider what you have. Acknowledge the people and things in your life--good, bad, and indifferent. This consideration is not to judge, approve, or reject, but merely to recognize what is present in your life. These are your present fulfillments, what you have created for yourself, drawing upon the power of Unity and the Singers (or not, as the case may be). Once you have looked clearly at what is present in your life, you may want to ask yourself what you want to change.
So often we complain about our circumstances, but we are the co creators of our lives, so it also up to us to take a bend in the stream and move around the rocks if necessary. 


  1. The eel looks like he is swimming almost effortlessly; he reminds me it is usually my own thoughts that make me struggle, not reality itself.

    1. Maybe it is the art of acceptance of what is, that makes life more fluid. Animals don't think they just are
      Our ten year old dog is blind for over three years. She is as happy as can be. No past to mull over ,no future to worry about. As Sharyn told us Ignorance is bliss :D

  2. I adore that last sentence of your post: "So often we complain about our circumstances, but we are the co creators of our lives, so it also up to us to take a bend in the stream and move around the rocks if necessary." Precious insight :) I think at times it's easy to see a barrier and let yourself get stuck. It takes strength to just go around. Love it.

    1. Thank you.I like to start writing about a card and not knowing where I will end up. Sometimes I'm surprised by what flows from my pen, so to speak :D