Thursday, January 30, 2014

Imbolc Contemplation with the Wildwood tarot

The Ancestor
In two days the wheel of the year will turn to Imbolc. The first Holiday of the new year. This is the time when nature is stirring beneath the frozen earth. Slowly but undeniable Spring is working her way through the cold of winter. It hasn't been that cold this year in Holland so perhaps Mother Nature may still have some surprises up her sleeve. Bulbs are pushing their green shoots up and I've already seen some purple Crocus buds. Imbolc is the holiday of new beginnings and the returning of light and fertility. It is custom to burn a lot of candles with Imbolc and eat a dish with milk as ingredient, like pancakes or porridge. The latter is done to celebrate the beginning of the lambing season and the lactation of the ewes.  
The Wildwood tarot has assigned two Major Arcana cards to Imbolc: The Ancestor and the Pole star. The suit of stones, which was the winter suit, has made place for the suit of arrows. This is the suit of the East and of Spring: Everything starts with a thought.
The Ancestor is a mythological figure who is half human and half reindeer. She is dressed in reindeer skins. She is summoning us with her drum to start the journey which is set out by a  row of Birches, leading us into the forest. The new moon in the skye is also a sign of a new beginning; a new challenge
The Pole Star
The ancestor figure is inspired by Elen of the ways, a ancient British goddess with antlers, whose name means light and who travels along the old migratory paths from the reindeer. She knows the way and if we stray she will find us with her light
And it isn't a great surprise The Pole Star is the other Major Arcana Card. This star is leading the way when we enter the forest which was in the background of the Ancestor card. It is a card of spiritual knowledge, hope and inspiration.  We know on a deep level our journey will be successful if we follow this star. What  a wonderful compass to carry within
These cards are very timely for me.  As is the careful beginning of Spring with Imbolc and the second new moon this month. I am feeling rather excited by my quest for the Goddess. I see new ways of getting to know Her and I feel  more free to develop my own understanding of Her and also to create my own practice. I thought the drum of The Ancestor which is adorned with the triskele, is very appropriate, since this has become the symbol of my journey. I wish you all a very happy Imbolc.


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  2. Let me try again without all the spelling errors, lol!
    Goodness, time is moving quickly - I can't believe Imbolc is almost here! I love the phrase about the compass within that we carry; I need to remember that and not look so much to the external for answers and direction. :)

    1. Haha that happens to me also a lot. I just type to quickly sometimes :)
      Yes time is flying by: New moon today, Imbolc two days later. busy busy but Spring cannot begin quick enough for me

  3. That sounds like a good idea - maybe I'll make a big breakfast on Saturday….with pancakes! The kids love those. I don't make them as much as I used to anymore, but it would be nice to do that. I love the Ancestor card, and I love your line "if we stray she will find us with her light." I always imagine her drumming to us, calling us back to our path. Seems appropriate for me at this time, too.

    1. Then I am glad I've drawn your attention to her.
      I will be thinking of you when I am baking my pancakes saturday lol