Monday, June 12, 2017

Maker King – The gift of Skill

Tarot of the Sidhe Maker King
Today’s Card is Maker King, aka King of Pentacles, from the Tarot of the Sidhe. In this card we see a male member of the Sidhe, bare-chested, standing behind his anvil. He is admiring his latest achievement: a golden crown, still hot from the blazing fires of his forge. What  I love about this king is that it is crystal clear he has earned this noble position not by birth or election but merely by mastering his skills. This is the kind of king I would like to get advice and guidance from. He has experienced everything his people have been going through or are still going through. Their ups and downs, their accomplishment and failures. He is a king of the people and for the people.
I wonder how the world would look like if all our leaders were a bit more like the Maker King. Perhaps we should make a kind of rule that every leader should live amongst his people (incognito) for at least year. Who knows what difference that would make. Maybe they would have more compassion and empathy for the people they are about to rule….?

“All he has he makes his own,
The carpenter of his own throne,
The smith who forges his own crown
And earns his status and renown. “


  1. I like this King too! I think so many of our leaders have led such privileged lives, they don't know what it means to live any other way. They have no idea the effort regular people must put forth on a daily basis. Knowledge is good, but first hand experience is even better!

  2. This king seems genuine enough. As kings go I think the King of Pentacles can relate to us better than most. But a king is a king is a king. I still don't like to be told what to do, even by a well intentioned king.

    1. Niether do I but I believe that in every community there has to be someone who is willing to step up and hold us accountable for our actions. Mayeb we don't need it but a lot of us do