Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Solstice Tarot Reading

On the evening of the Winter Solstice I did a tarot reading for myself.  A lot of the blogs which I visit regularly had several spreads to choose from: Beth from Little Red Tarot shared with us her Winter Solstice/New Moon Tarot Spread
Sarah from the Tarot Parlor came up with  a Short & Sweet New Year Spread which is of course also perfect for the Winter Solstice.
Last but not least Kerry from Neopagan Priestess has posted her Yule spread.
This is the one I've picked for myself to use on this special night. Not only because it is a very profound spread but honestly also because it was the smallest one and I do like my spreads to be both meaningful and simple.
I love it when I can visualize these small spreads during the following days and when I do decide to blog about them there is less to translate. (just kidding J  )
Kerry's spread has two cards with the following questions:
1) What will help me sit with the darkness right now?
2) What will help me transform  it into light?
I've used the Wildwood Tarot which is personally for me the most wintery deck I have and I've got:
Wilwood Tarot, The Seer, Ace of Stones, Will Worthington, Winter Solstice spread
1 The Seer (The High Priestess)
In the card of The Seer,again we see the symbol of water. The Seer is using it for scrying and to me that is a lot like “diving deep”  from my previous post. When you look at her face she is very concentrated and perhaps a bit anxious for what she is about to see beneath  the surface of the water but when the moon is dark and the Winter Solstice is here, it is just the time to explore these caverns of your soul. You may encounter secret longings, abandoned and or sacrificed parts of yourself, less favorable traits and so on. Just to look at them and acknowledge them can help you to feel a bit more whole again. 
2 Ace of Stones (Ace of Pentacles)
Then there is the Ace of stones: a large standing stone to go to and wrap your arms around in order to ground and center yourself after being submersed into your inner darkness. To transform this darkness into light you just have to be and to do. Take the opportunities given to you to really engage in the here and now.  I have been sitting on the bench to long due to my neck pains and had too much time to worry and feeling sorry for myself.
Being just a few days away from Christmas there will be a lot shopping, baking bread and cookies and (a bit of) cleaning to do. I am going to try to participate in these activities as much as I can without overdoing it. Watching over my physical well-being is also a gift from the Ace of Stones.


  1. I love those small but profound spreads too, and this is lovely. I always feel The Seer, even though she's almost in a trance, would be quick to stop you on the path and have you look into the water. I spent some of yesterday hugging stones :-)

    1. I would love to really touch such a standing stone myself. :)
      In the north of our country we have "Hunebedden" or Dolmen. These are prehistorical graves which are made from stones like the "Ace of Stones". I've been there once, years ago, It was amazing

  2. I love this spread - it is so perfect for the Solstice. That HP reminds me not to be afraid because there is hidden wisdom in that darkness that will benefit me. And that stone (Love that image!) reminds me of what a gift it is to be in this human body, even with its aches and pains. :) Hope you are able to engage in the holidays and enjoy them my friend.

    1. Thansk Bev. Yes "even when it aches and pains" !:)
      Every darkness can be transformed in light. I've experienced this all to well.
      Be kind and gentle with yourself these days !

  3. What a beautiful, simple spread! I didn't get to do any solstice tarot for myself due to some family commitments...then from midnight til 2am I was sitting in a car! Emma and I did our own simple ritual when we got home, but I may take a moment today to practice this simple two-card spread.

    I love the transition from mystical, intuitive darkness in The Seer into earthy practicality with the Ace of Stones. This feels like a very clear and beautiful reading. Happy new year to you Ellen!! xxx

    1. Thank you Beth! It can be cozy, driving through the dark Solstice night to your warm and welcome home. I hope you like the spread as much as Idid
      Have a wonderful 2015 Beth!

  4. My Yule/Solstice reading is the most cards I ever work with, 17 this year.
    I love the idea of being able to hug a standing stone, nothing like that here, probably why we are called tree huggers :) Be well, Sharyn

    1. Wow 17! that's a lot
      Three hugging... We have a little Golden Rain tree in our garden which comforts me sometimes. :)
      Happy Holidays Sharyn!

  5. That is such a gorgeous reading and I love this spread (I'm quite partial to simple and potent spreads myself.). Like Beth said, it shows a wonderful transition from the intuitive to the earthly. It lines up beautifully with where we are on the wheel of the year, moving from a time of introspection in the darkness of winter, to the more external, material focus that comes with the return of the sun, like coming out of hibernation.
    Many wishes for a warm and nurturing Christmas,
    Sarah Dawn
    PS - Thank you for the mention. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah. You've worded it so beautiful. Wishing you a lovely Christmas too and a beautiful fresh start in 2015

  6. Really glad you liked the spread, Ellen, and what wonderful cards. The Seer can sit with anything, looking deep, knowing she can cope no matter what comes. And that Ace, ah, it holds all the world within it :)

    1. Yes it is a great little spread Kerry. I love the promise of the aces too
      Hope you are feeling better :)