Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our treasures within

Yesterday my favorite postman rang the doorbell… Yay, package!!!
I had bought The Oracle of the Shapeshifters. Being so enthusiastic about the Oracle of Shadows and Light I took my change with this oracle to. The cards are beautiful and they really get to me. I am usually more a tarot person but these two oracle decks are becoming two of my favorites. So let´s see what´s in store for me today…
Oracle of the Shapeshifters - L.Cavendisch
“Mushrooms appear in the forest. They live in symbiosis with the trees. What do I need to survive? What can't I live without?”
Poseidon’s Daughter - You have been given everything you need
It seems like all I encounter this week are hints to search for my authentic self. To ask myself: “Who am I; who is my true self?”
So the question for today is not about people or things in my surroundings I can’t  live without: It is more about reassessing my treasures within. I wasn't even conscious about the abundance of love, talents, skills wisdom, intuition, qualities and so much more in myself, before I had pulled this card. When we were born we have been given all that we need. And we can’t live without it. But along the way we have given away parts of who we are, just for the sake of peace or to adjust to a situation or even worse because we were told parts of us were not acceptable. But now it is the time to take back what is rightfully ours and become the beautiful, wild, strong, gorgeous self we were meant to be
Yesterday I had started to write in my gratitude journal again. Today I will honor my true self by making a list of everything inside me that I am grateful for. 

This card has made this deck already very special to me…..:D


  1. I don't have this oracle, so I'll be interested to see your posts with it! When I stop falling for all the ads on TV and elsewhere, it's easy to see I DO have all I need. :)

  2. It is hard not to fall in the trap of advertisement. And I think I have to quit watching youtube videos with reviews about beautiful new decks :D