Monday, September 23, 2013

Writing about tarot cards you dislike

Enough to journal about.....
Today I've got "Voodoo in blue" as my daily draw and my first instinctive reaction was to put the card back in  deck then shuffle again and hope for the best. Perhaps I can pull a more gentle card. Sometimes it happens; you've got a card you dislike, or you don't have any connection with it. Instead of “cheating” and pick another card, (who will notice but you…J), I have found that writing about that card brings sometimes a lot of clarity. Disliking a card can give just as much insight as liking a card.. Sometimes we learn more from our antipathies than our sympathies. Negative emotions can make us react stronger. They can even give us physical reactions.  So just grab a journal and start free writing about your card. Write down everything that comes up. Don't hold yourself back. The only one who will read it is you. And you always can tear the page out of your journal or push the delete button on your computer. Just pour your heart out on the paper and write down everything that you dislike and why you dislike it. Be detailed in you writing. And perhaps you will find a little gem there.


  1. Good advice :) That certainly happened with me a few months back with Yemaya, and I've included her in my daily meditation practice ever since!

  2. Sometimes you have to do some digging before you'll find the pearl. Happy to hear it worked out fine for you