Thursday, September 5, 2013

My First Blogpost

Hello to everybody,
This is my first post on my blog. So often I would like to share something with you. Something I have bought, made, read or whatever comes to mind. 
Since I am a Dutch woman It is not so easy for me to write in English. So bear with me if I make any mistakes. Lately I have practiced my English writing because I have made a lot of comments on blogs and Youtube video's 
But now and then I  get asked to show my take on things. And sometimes I am so proud of or happy with something , I just want to share it with the everybody out there 

This is the primary reason for this blog: a show and tell. 


  1. Really looking forward to whatever you feel moved to share, Ellen :)

  2. Ellen!

    Congratulations on starting this blog. I'm so glad you shared it on Daily Tarot Girl. I'm going to work my way up from your first posts. I like your content and the decks your using very much!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this way.