Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Take of that blindfold

eight of swords druidcraft tarot
Druidcraft Tarot
24 September: This is the last day of the corn harvest: “Harvest home”.  From the last corn a corn dolly was made to keep the spirit of the harvest alive till spring. What can I do to keep the spirit of this harvest  alive?

Today I’ve drawn my card out my Druidcraft Tarot. Just for some variation. Imagine my surprise when I’ve got (again) the eight of swords. It is the same card that I ‘v picked for the waning part of this moon cycle (what do I want to release). So let’s remove that blindfold…

The spirit of the harvest is for me all about gratitude, abundance and celebration. It is easy to forget those attitudes in the coming weeks with heavy rainfall and stormy weather. Or in our ordinary daily life’s, when routine takes over and we just struggle to get through the day. For me it is so important to be aware of my blindfold and limiting beliefs. So I am going to dig up my gratitude journal and taking up that practice  again: writing down at least three things for what I am grateful for at the end of the day. In that way I will take of that blindfold and step out of the circle of swords


  1. There is an author named Byron Katie who encourages people to "Love what is." I'm not sure if I could love all of reality, but accepting what I can't change sure creates a lot more room in my heart for gratitude. Nice post. :)

    1. I've experienced that accepting what is, can be life changing. It saves so much energy. Thanks for coming by so often I really appreciate that :D

  2. I tried something similar yesterday. I was feeling so irritated and gloomy, but intentionally focusing on the good things all around has a way of making the bad fade away.

  3. Yes, That works like a charm :D

  4. Lovely post! I love including gratitudes in my life, taking a bit of time each day to think about the good, when there is such a focus in the world around us on the bad or difficult :)

  5. Yes, gratitude can make a world of difference :)