Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Fairy of the Highlands

oracle of shadows and light The Fairy of the Highlands
Oracle of Shadows and Light- L.Cavendish
22 September:  The animals prepare for the coming season. How do I prepare for/adjust to the new season? How do I find harmony with the demands of this period ?

Today I pulled “The Fairy of the Highlands” It is time to be brave. I think this Fairy is adorable, She looks at me with her great scary  eyes, still frightened, but there is a spark of courage in there when she says: it is time to be brave. A spark of courage is all we need to prepare for the coming season; To take on new challenges, to start new projects. But most of all to look inside ourselves and go for battle with our inner turmoil., Raise your sword and be brave. On the other hand it is also brave to decline demands from others; to stand up for yourself so you don't get overwhelmed with other people’s expectations. Be brave enough to follow your own path this season. 


  1. Lovely blog, Ellen (and that apple pie in the previous post looks yummy!). Her sword with its tip touching the earth reminds me to physically do something, not just think about it (which I tend to do :D).

  2. Good point and thank you for dropping by too. The sword in the earth also makes me think of being grounded before taking action. And yes, I am more a thinker than a do-er to...:)

  3. She is a sweetie :) It's funny, I see the swords as something she clings to when feeling scared. She might not even be able to wield such a big sword, but just having it gives her some confidence... Reminds me to think about those people or things that help me feel stronger just by knowing they're there!

  4. Yes she is isn't she. I think you are quite right about that big heavy sword :) I like it when so many meanings are fitting to this little creature. Thanks