Friday, August 22, 2014

Three card Lenormand spread: What’s next….

This morning I was sitting next to my bookcase with a shelf full of decks and I couldn't decide which deck to use. I held some of them in my hand, drew some cards but nothing really happened. No “Aha” experience or a “Yes that’s it” thought. I drew the proverbial "blank" this morning. Although I didn't like it, It didn't strike me as odd. After an intense couple of days for me the last week, tarot wise, the well was a bit dried up. So I decided to draw some Lenormand cards to answer the question; what to do next. I used the Gilded Reverie Lenormand and I drew three cards with the center card as the main subject:
Birds + House + Ship

1.      After a lot of  and talking/blogging about a spiritual journey it is a good idea to stay home and rest for a while.
2.      Being at home talking about a journey; physical or spiritual. What do I long for? Where do I want to go?
3.      Searching for a place to retreat away from the chatter of daily life.
The first and the last interpretation speak to me the most. I guess I really need some peace and quiet today. I do feel a bit hermit-like lately and I love spending time alone. Autumn is starting early this year and I love the introspective quality of this season.
When I count the inserts for a conclusive message , I get lily: When I listen to the message of these cards I may find harmony, tranquility and maybe even wisdom.

So today I am going to consciously seek for a quiet place, in or outside myself, to explore silence and rest for a while…..


  1. Retreating is a lovely answer to 'what to do next' - enjoy the tranquility :-)

  2. I think after I've had a breakthrough or learned some new information, I like to have some solitude to assimilate it all. I suppose I need to let it simmer on the stove for a while. :)

    1. That is a wonderful metaphor. Simmering sounds good for today. The best stews have to simmer for a long time
      Thanks :)

  3. It's sometimes a challenge and seems impossible to quiet the chattering that goes on in my mind, wondering what to do, because I worry, and sometimes don't like my own company. I start spinning my wheels.
    Then I have to write, go for a long walk to get the cob webs out. This helps me to just be, let my thoughts come a go, and be grateful.
    I really love Ciro Marchetti's cards.

    1. Yes writing is always a lifesaver!!!
      Walking is a bit more difficult because my babbler always comes along. Perhaps I am going to make an abstract collage; just smash some paper and paint on a page .:D maybe I'll even start humming....