Saturday, August 23, 2014

Three card Lenormand spread - Confusion

Yesterday’s decision to pick up a lenormand instead of a tarot deck suited me just fine. The reading was to the point but not to in depth. It was not so easy to find some peace and quiet for myself though. Putting a chair in the garden is simple but silencing my inner babbler wasn't. And also life has a way of putting tons of distractions on your path when the only thing  you want is to be left alone and rest. 
One thing which was rather tiring and distracting yesterday is that I've received my hearing aid. OMG, I didn't remember how noisy the world was. It is fun though to put it out for a while, when you want to have some calm moments
Finally I did manage to create a simple abstract collage which was very relaxing to do.

Gilded Reverie Lenormand,stork, anchor, cross

So back to the cards. For today I've drawn again a line of three from the Gilded Reverie Lenormand:
Stork + Anchor + cross
    Gilded Reverie Lenormand, letter
  1. Spiritual changes are disrupting my sense of stability
  2. When I want to seek out new spiritual beliefs I have to stay grounded
  3. I have to lift my anchor if I really want to move to the next winding of my path
Well these are very different interpretations, some even contradicting. So which one do I choose or maybe which one did  I overlook? I am a bit confused right now.
The inserts count 27, which is the letter card:
Maybe I will receive a letter, a mail or a comment; maybe I will read an article but something in writing will help me to see things more clearly
Perhaps you can shed some light for me over these cards????


  1. Perhaps: There is something wonderful and new on the horizon that will make you feel more grounded and secure, but it will require sacrifice and work on your part.
    Your hearing aid reminded me of a school bus driver who (I learned much later) would turn his all the way down while he drove - no wonder he always appeared calm even in all the noise! He never has a wreck; I suppose all the ruckus was more distracting than not being able to hear.

    1. Hi Bev I like your interpretation a lot! Thank you so much for this.
      # Bus driver LOL I can imagine why he did this. I wish I was able to do that when I used to be a teacher :)

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  3. Well I don't presume to know what these cards mean Ellen as I am not familiar with them. Storks are a water bird and these two are making a nest. Water is feminine energy, there is mothering love here I'd say. An anchor represents hope traditionally. The cross is Faith. Faith Hope and Charity.

    The letter card? Maybe write your thoughts and feelings down and you'll get some clarity, it certainly helps me. I'd be lost without my journals.

    1. Thank you for you input Catherine, Sometimes when we read the cards intuitively they speak a whole different language. I like it how you open up doors which weren't their before you created them.