Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ten of Stones - Beware of possessive behavior

Chrysalis Tarot, Ten of StonesThe Ten of Stones from the Chrysalis tarot is reminding me a bit of the Four of Pentacles. Look at this lovely, intensely satisfied figure with his beautiful crystals. He has so many of them. He is short of hands and he has to use both feet to hold on to the rest of his collection. Being so overly occupied with his prized possessions, he isn't able to go anywhere anymore. But he is chuckling to himself and is perfectly happy where he is. And I suppose he has been there for quite a while because his hair is entwined with the shrubs at either side of him and also with the Celtic decorations in the background.
The message of this card is quite clear: It is okay to be happy with your stuff, your physical routine, your work etc, as long as you stay aware of it's real value. Everything physical is here to please and support you but not to own you. Too much stuff can suffocate you. As can a too rigid health regime or the ambition for yet another promotion. We have to set our priorities straight and as long as we keep moving and changing, we can keep growing. And our hair shall blow freely in the wind J

"what you possess in the world will be found at the day of your death to belong to someone else. but what you are will be yours forever. H.v.Dyke


  1. Such a great quote! Even though I know stuff won't bring me eternal happiness, I still get caught up in having it. If I could enjoy it without all the attachments, I think it would be much more fulfilling. (And I agree with you - this does look like a Four of Pents card).

    1. And maybe like me even more caught up in wanting it LOL
      Did you know I've even felt a bit guilty about working with this deck instead of with my birthday presents. How silly can you get. As if my decks were little kids screaming for attention or my girls would be offended if didn't play with their presents all the time :)

    2. I imagine you worry about hurting your girls' feelings, which I'm sure they haven't thought twice about it. :)