Monday, June 23, 2014

Combined Tarot & Oracle Reading

For today I wanted to try something different. I was inspired to combine an oracle and a tarot deck in one reading by a post from Eowyn about questions and tarot readings.
Sometimes you may run out of questions when you read mostly  for yourself. So I thought what if I drew a oracle card to determine the subject of the reading?

Goddess Guidance Oracle, Rhiannon sorceress
I've pulled Rhiannon, The sorceress, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The message of this card is: “You are a magical person who can manifest your clear intention into reality.”
Without delving much deeper into the meaning of this card, we now have our question: How can we manifest our intention or desires? Now I can pull two other cards to answer this question. They will provide me with two things I want to consider when manifesting or you could also assign one as Do and the other as Don’t or whatever you  prefer. You can make the reading as elaborate as you like but personally I prefer small spreads.
From my Universal Waite Tarot I pulled:

Universal Waite Tarot, Ace of Swords,The Hermit
The Ace of Swords: in order to manifest your intention you need to have a clear vision or idea. Besides that you might want to make a plan how to proceed and what you require to manifest your desire. This Ace is just the first step: The potential of success. You have to make things happen yourself. Work together with the Universe. You desire won’t get signed sealed and delivered when you don’t participate in the process
The Hermit: When you create a vision of your intent, it is perhaps a good idea to really think about the consequences of your desire. What is your inner wisdom, your intuition telling you? If you shed a light over this intention is it still desirable and for the good of all or it is only beneficial for yourself This card is more about ethics than practical measures.

I love it how the two tarot cards are fitting together with the oracle card: the Ace of Swords resembles the horn the Unicorn and The Hermit highlights the solitude of the this goddess. Even the colors are matching quite well
All and all this trio of cards has given me something to think about. I think it is a good advice and I like how they make me think about something besides my usual interests. Sometimes you are so preoccupied with a situation, the cards only seem to talk about that instead of addressing something entirely else This can be a nice way to step out of your own circle of thoughts.


  1. I am so boring, the only thing I ask every morning when I do my daily draws is, "What is the most important thing I need to be aware of today?" Of course there are other important things to know, and this idea of using an oracle card for a question and tarot cards for answers is a perfect solution for finding those questions! :D

    1. Most of the time I am "boring" too :D
      Sometimes i like to play around with my cards and see were they'll lead me. This particularly reading probable will end up as a prompt for journaling about my intentions etc.

  2. This is a lovely method for self-reading! And I love your own results - this is what reminds me of how much I love divination :) The correlation between the images, the clarity of the message. Ahhh……

    1. You describe it so beautifully Olivia! This it how it feels when you come in the flow of the reading. This why tarot never seizes to amaze me. :D

  3. This worked beautifully, Ellen. Hope you found clarity for your manifesting :)

    1. Sometimes is is nice to have a question answered before you even knew it was there.:D