Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another spread for Self Love

A few weeks ago I've posted a spread for self love for Valentine´s day. Yesterday I've discovered a great website called "Little Red tarot". There I saw a post with another “awesome” Self love spread for this Holiday. But hé, self love is for every day of the year and since I adore this little three/four card spread so much, I wanted to post it here. So (drum roll)…. Here it is:

“The ‘Me Myself and I, aka Why I Am Totally AwesomeTarot Spread”

1. What’s totally awesome about me is…
2. My favorite thing about myself is…
 I am brilliant because…
And if that hasn't sorted you out, go right ahead and pull one more card:
4. One reason it doesn't matter if I have one lover, three partners or no sweetie at all is…  
I guess this is the Valentine’s day position, so for now I like to call this extra card: the loving/caring action for myself right now
It is in the nature of this spread to read it in a quick, positive and intuitive way. Just see it as a pat on the back whenever you need it.
So let’s give it a try:
Crystal Visions Tarot
 1 What’s totally awesome about me is…
Five of wands – I have a lot of creative ideas running around my mind: I just have to pick one…
2 My favorite thing about myself is…
Strength – I am  a compassionate , strong woman
3 I am brilliant because….
Five of Pentacles – Even in times of need I always take care of my family
4 How can I love myself right now?
Ace of Wands - I will pick one creative inspired idea and  I will  go do it!

I highly recommend this spread because it feels só good! The cards give you compliments you would not have thought of yourself. Even this reading with two fives has been so delightful


  1. You know, most people could easily list five of their faults or character defects, but if you asked them to list five of their assets I bet if would take some work. So while I'm sure some folks might not like "feel good" spreads, I think it is a good idea to do them to remind ourselves of what we do right! :)

    1. I like them too for the same reason as you've mentioned. Sometimes it is good have some counterweight for the negative self talk :)

  2. Zowie, I just tried this and got all majors!
    1. Strength - I can be patient and tolerant
    2. Emperor - I love to organize chaos and give it structure
    3. Hierophant - I can (and enjoy) teaching small groups
    4. Wheel - I can remember that I can choose to change things about myself if I want

    1. Yay Sycamore! This is so great. You rock woman!
      Thanks for sharing :D

    2. Wow - that's incredible!! Love The Emperor.
      Good to see so many people enjoying the spread :D

  3. Nice spread! Another one to try myself. Those cards are so beautiful! (They are on my wishlist.) I love all the fiery reds and pinks in your reading. Very loving and passionate.

    1. Yes is is isn't it. I like this deck especially for it colors too. Even the backs are gorgeous.
      And what should we do without our wishlist??? :D

  4. Aww what a brilliant reading Ellen - so glad you enjoyed the spread. "4 How can I love myself right now?
    Ace of Wands - I will pick one creative inspired idea and I will go do it!" - *perfect*
    Beth xxx

    1. Hi Beth. thanks for stopping by! I have done your spread several times already. It is quick, loving and like a warm cup of tea it is always comforting

  5. Love this spread Ellen. Will have to give it a go. We always need a little feel good. It gets us through the deeper, murkier waters. :)

    1. Hi Cher I"ll hope you will enjoy it! Yes sometimes we need to give ourself a pat on the back :)

  6. That is a gorgeous reading! I'm so glad you could find the positive, and write those compliments, even if you wouldn't normally think those things of yourself :) ((hugs))

    1. Thank you (((Kerry))). Hugs to you too. I think of you and your little one daily and I hope and pray everything will go smoothly, so you will be with the four of you very soon.