Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Page of Cups and his fish

For today I've drawn the Page of Cups from the Original Rider Waite tarot. This is a lovely and gentle card to pull. Mostly I interpret this card as unexpected intuitive messages, creative impulses, hunches and gut feelings. The page of Cups is talking with his fish. Behind him the waves of the sea represent his internal stirrings and potential. He doesn't notice them. His mind is fully absorbed by this fish he talking too. He is never been taught to suppress his intuition and imagination. He is totally open and free to listen to the messages the fish is giving him.
Pages are like children. Everything which emerges from within is a bit raw, naive and childlike. They need the freedom to explore and play in order to discover the world around them. It was my theme for this month to listen more to my inner voice and believe me I've tried but the times when I thought I heard or felt something, were the times I was the least expecting it. Perhaps while playing; being totally absorbed in whatever I was doing, when my mind was to focused to dismiss my intuition as foolish inner chitchat. Following the way of this page can bring us intuitive and creative renewal. Just live in the moment; be fully aware of what you are doing and our little fish will talk to us too.


  1. Intuition is really hard for me to intentionally connect with. Like you, I tend to "hear" it when I am focused on some mundane task or in meditation when I have a focus to concentrate on (like the breath).

    1. It good to know I am not the only one who thinks this is difficult
      So trying to connect to our intuition is a great stimulant to meditate often and work hard :D