Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Justice - making balanced choices

Druidcraft Tarot Justice Will Worthington
Today’s card it Justice from the Druidcraft Tarot. We see  a woman  dressed in shades of blue and purple sitting on a slab of stone. She has a sword in her right hand with a pair of bronze looking testes as its hilt. In her left hand she holds balanced scales. She has an owl to her right as a symbol of wisdom and seeing in the dark to discover secrets and a spider to her left weaving it web in a bush, which shows the interconnection of everything.
Although this is a Celtic themed deck I immediately was reminded of the Greek goddess Athena. But this woman is Brigh who was both druid as judge in pre-Christian Ireland.
Justice is calling upon our discernment to do the right thing, say the right words and make the right decision after carefully consideration of the all facts. Justice calls for choices not for impulsive reactions
With clarity and fairness she decides for the good of all because she knows every decision has numerous consequences (spider) not only for the here and now but also,  and maybe even  more for the future (testes). Everything we do or say has an impact for our future how insignificant the decision might seem.

For today I will try to make the right decisions for the here and now by taking the wisdom, gained in my past, into consideration and with compassion for the future.


  1. I don't think I've ever noticed the spider in this card, but I really like its inclusion. I would like to think the choices I make don't affect other people, but I am like a thread in that web; the vibrations I cause are felt throughout.

    1. I had the same experience with the testes :)
      I like to believe everything is connected and we are part of the whole. but is also also leaves us with the great responsibility to make the right choices

  2. Ay, making the right decisions is so hard. We may not know what is right until long after the fact. Still, in the moment all you can do is your best, and experience is certainly a helpful yardstick. Hope you had a good and balanced day, Ellen :)

    1. Thanks Kerry. That is a good advice to keep at heart
      I hope for you the same my friend