Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The full Harvest Moon of September – Tarot Spell

Yesterday, it was the night of the full Harvest moon and encouraged by Bev from By the Sycamore Tree I've decided to create a tarot spell/visual prayer in order to help me cope with and accept the coming changes in my family. (S will be moving out when her boyfriend finds a job) Also to help me see these changes in a positive light; perhaps even as a kind of personal harvest after years of mothering.
I've  learned this type of spell from Kerry from Neopagan Priestess. The tarot is a wonderful tool to visualize and focus on your desires, need for change and maybe even your gratitude before you have actually experienced the fulfilling of your desire or noticed a positive change.
Because I've been working with the Anna K Tarot lately, this deck was a natural choice to use for my spell.

tarot spell Anna K Tarot, Eight of Cups, Three of Rods, The Sun, Ace of Pentacles, full harvest moon

First I've laid down yesterday’s card as the main theme. Then I flipped through the deck to find cards which resonated with me and/or were connected one way or another to this theme. This went very quickly and without a lot of thought. Finally I narrowed the little pile down to three cards to put around the theme card.
I've picked the following cards:
Ace of Pentacles for Me and M nourishing our roots, planting seeds, redefining our living together and for new exciting opportunities for both of us
The Sun as the symbol  for joy, a positive outcome, and self-confidence for all of us
The Three of Rods for S making plans and starting out on a new exciting journey 
I loved how these three cards were radiating their yellow sunlight over the darker Eight of Cups. Yellow and blue, a match made in heaven!
I've put it all on tray (thank you Kerry!) to put it wherever I want it to be. To focus on my intent I've come up with this little prayer. I tried to translate it as well as I could.
May the sun shine its light over you and your journey and your choices yet to make and over us while we are keeping our home safe and enjoying the new opportunities this change will  bring us.”


  1. These are such wonderful cards to choose for your prayerful intentions! Anna K's Ace of Pentacles is one of my favorite Aces of all my decks. And the prayer is beautiful and full of love. :)
    (By the way, I love Kerry's tray idea too!)

    1. Thanks Bev,Yes she is lovely. You can almost feel the dirt under you fingernails :D

  2. slept right through it. Well, there will be another full moon coming along soon :)

  3. I think I was very affected by this moon this year. More than any other year I can remember. I'm a strong believer in prayer. This will surely help you Ellen. Hard transition when the birds leave the nest. Blessings to you and your babies!

    1. Maybe your are more attuned to the moons energy this year? :)
      I believe in prayer too, especially when there is a balance between gratitude and asking
      Thank your for your kind wishes Catherine