Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You just have to be quiet

October 2: In the Catholic church it is the feast of the guardian angels. What does my guardian angel ( or spirit guide or patron….) want to tell me?
The Lovers Hanson Roberts tarot
Hanson Roberts Tarot
The First question that I have to ask myself is: do I believe in guardian angels or something like that?
I don't believe in them as specific beings but I can work with them as energies or aspects of the divine. Perhaps they could be a manifestation of my higher self; that part of me that is connected with the divine (my sparkle J) Or it can be my intuition speaking. In any way I belief they can give me a message or some guidance if I am quiet enough to listen...
Can I see the card of today as such a message?  I’ve got The Lovers from the Hanson Roberts Tarot
Well that’s a surprise! There is an angel in the picture looking at the couple and trying to get their attention. But they are too wrapped up (literally) in each other that they are complete oblivious of that angel in the sky. Or perhaps the angel is silently waiting until the right moment comes along to intrude.
In either case I tend to see the lovers, since I am not in a romantically relationship, as a blending between some parts of me (ego subconscious and higher self) or a coming together of my male and female side. And of course there are meanings like: unconditional love, making a responsible choices, self love, longing for unity etc.
What stands out in this card in comparison with The Lovers from the Rider Waite tarot is that this couple is holding each other tight, whereas the R.W. couple is standing apart and they're looking at the angel. I prefer the couple from Hanson Roberts. It is obvious that they love and care for each other. The woman seems to be somewhat stronger than the man. I feel that she is taking responsibility for him. I don’t think this is a status quo, but more a sign that two opposites can take responsibility for each other back and forth.
For me today, with this card, an angel is trying to tell me not to be so predisposed with loving and caring, but also to make some free time to connect with the divine. Loving yourself and others is perfect, but there is more…

Take some time in these darker growing days to be quiet and just listen. You'll be surprised……


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who questions the existence of those types of angels. I see them in more practical ways - as real people who follow spiritual nudges to perform acts of kindness.

    1. In that case everybody can be an angel at some time. I like that :)

  2. I see light angels and dark angels, generally. But not with wings. I see them as energy, sent out into the world by our words and actions, be they negative or positive.

    I love the Hanson Roberts Lovers cards. One of my favourite decks.

  3. Never thought about angels being created by us
    I had to get used to this deck, but now I'm very fond of it. I play with it when I want to feel warm and safe :D

  4. Very nice card and I love your interpretation reminding us step outside of our own selfs to connect with the divine.

    1. Thank you. It is a lovely deck. Perhaps connecting with the divine is the most important and then the rest will follow :)