Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't run away from grief

October 30: An angel on a tombstone, lovely flowers in a vase. A burning candle on a grave: there are all sort of ways and rituals to come to terms with death. What eases the pain of death for me?
four of wands Anna K Tarot
Anna K Tarot
Death is not always about the  loss of a loved one. It can also be about the loss of something (project, relationship, job etc.)you hold very dear. I think whenever you feel grief, there has been death in whatever form. So how do you  ease grief? You don’t; please don’t. It is good to find pauses for you grief; to have some breathing space. Find distractions, go out in nature, be with family, but please never numb you grief. It’s a  natural way of releasing your emotions and sadness after someone/thing dear and loved has been taken away from you. When you try to suppress those feelings they will hunt you down even stronger than they were in the beginning.
And what has the tarot to say about this? I took out my Anna K Tarot, because I think this deck will keep the answer grounded. And it did: I've got the four of wands! Regular meanings for this card are celebration, showing gratitude, achievement but also moving forward into the five of wands. This card is all about moving forward in life, even after a major traumatic event as death. In my opinion grieving is also moving forward. It is very important to connect with other people and celebrate life, remember together and be grateful for these memories. The most intense pain can be eased by nature. Walking and spending time outside can be very healing. 
Lo Scarabeo Oracle
The three lennies I ‘v pulled to go with this card are coffin + tree + stork. 
At first glance I thought these cards were talking about the deceased but afterwards they made me thinkmore about the person who is left behind: the sadness, the lack of energy, the change.
Coffin +Tree :health problems, being extremely tired and worn out
Tree + stork : Something life changing has happened
This will be the last prompt for my blog, because the last one of this series will be to personal for me to write about. I will include it in my Samhain celebration tomorrow. I wish you all a very happy Samhain/Halloween J


  1. Grief is tough. It helps if you have supportive people who don't try to rush you through it, but at the same time help you to be grateful for the good moments spent together. The pull of wanting to isolate is strong and hard to resist even when you need to be around other people. My biggest help is in asking myself, "How would this person want me to honor their memory?" I think the answer in most cases would be to live joyfully.

    1. Yes the tendency to withdraw yourself from you social circle is strong.and there always danger you'll fall in to a depression.
      Living life joyfully is the best way to honor your beloved, but don't feel guilty if you just miss him/her to much to be happy. In time grief will soften :)

  2. What I see in your Lennie line is that after Death (Coffin) there is still life and connection to those that have passed (the Tree can speak of our ancestors - our roots - those who connect us with the past), and yet still also forward motion in our own life (Stork) :) I so agree that it's important to honour our sadness, as well as finding ways to continue life. Feeling that sense of connection can be a good way to do both...

    1. That's the beauty and the challenge of reading Lennies. But how can you ever be sure who is right. Or are both readings right. I can't figure that out yet :)

    2. Maybe your reading is right for you, and my reading is right for me... Or they are both different skins from the same onion :)