Thursday, October 10, 2013

Help I‘m haunted by a tarot card!

October 10:  At this time the birds are migrating. The birds fly high above the ground and see a lot. What gives me a wide field of vision?
eight of swords Rider Waite Tarot
Rider Waite Tarot
Well what do you know:  Today I've got the Eight of Swords; Again!!! Whatever deck I choose there she is again! Even when I use my trusty, Rider Waite deck. This deck was the first to introduce me to the wondrous world of tarot. And it still has a special place in my heart. But let’s get down to business. How do I get from this restricting place to somewhere, where I can have a wide field of vision. First I have to get rid of that f*cking blindfold and loosen my ties, Then I turn around, walk between the eight swords and away from the muddy ground. After a stroll along the seashore I reach the mountain, which I have to climb. Then, probable with soar feet, I arrive at the castle, climb the stairs to find a man holding a globe and a wand. I ask him what is doing there and he answers: “I have found a wild field of vision.”
So taking that example, today I am going to focus on all the possibilities I still have to enjoy myself and keep myself busy. This will be a lot healthier then playing a pity party because I have neck problems. So instead of focusing on the problem I am going search for the solutions with a broad perspective J


  1. Bless you, it is hard to deal with life on life's terms when you have physical pain as well. My husband has a chronic back pain, so he could relate. It is hard for him to remember on some days that his life is defined by more than his pain, but it does require a thought shift.

    1. I am happy that this card has reminded me to shift my thinking
      and all the best for you husband.:)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your pain! I love how you visualized breaking free from the swords fencing you in, tore of the blindfold, and climbed up to the castle to your wide view :) Very lovely way to mentally help work through a restrictive card.

    1. Sometimes telling myself a little story is helpful to understand what a card is telling me today.
      I am glad you've found your way back again :)