Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We have to decide!

October 1 : Squirrels are gathering nuts,  acorns etc. for the coming winter. What do I have to gather for this winter?
ace of swords, Druidcraft tarot
Druidcraft Tarot
The ace of swords from The Druidcraft tarot. A hand is lifting up a sword above the deep waters. The sun is rising in the east and birches are standing at the lakeside.
The guidebook speaks about clarity, new ideas and finding truth and the ability to cut through illusions. Also about cutting loose from old stagnant thoughts.
The first thing that comes to mind is the necessity to evaluate my beliefs, idea’s and convictions. Are they still up to date or have there been shifts and changes that I am not  aware of. What will I hold on to and what can I let go so there will room for new idea’s. What will I gather to take with me? I have to dive deep to know how I feel about my thoughts (lake)
While I am  writing this post my daughter is watching “Grey’s anatomy” and  I hear: You have to decide how you want to live. Is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to be? Are these the ones you want  to love? Is this the best you can be? Or can you be stronger, kinder, more compassionate?” This sums up what I want to put into words in this post. I want to gather; to take stock of all my thoughts that matter, rinse them in this lake of feelings and take them with me as cleansed brand new idea’s. Idea’s that I will communicate with inspired enthusiasm. And if I decide that they are of no use anymore for they are dusted and outdated, I will lay them to rest. I’ll hope this all makes sense

Lets gather our thoughts: What ways of thinking needs to be cleared away? How are my thoughts affecting my life? And which idea’s and opinions do I take with me into the winter season?


  1. Beautiful! Again our posts seem synchronous, but I know that I do too much thinking and not enough acting, so I think that's why mine pointed me toward spiritual actions to avoid my usual tendency to woolgathering.

  2. That is why was so happy with this card. I also do more thinking than acting. But now I have a good excuse (neck :D)
    It is nice to compare our experience with these questions. :)

  3. How cool was that to hear the lines in Grey's Anatomy as you pondered this card? :) Synchronicity = coincidence with a deeper purpose.

    1. Yes! And it one of my favorite series to :D