Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gratitude makes me quiet

October 24: The first frost. A sign of winter, cold and stillness. What makes me quiet inside?
six of wands Druidcraft tarot
Druidcraft Tarot 
It’s still warm outside. There hasn't been any frost yet, but still I can wonder about how I get peace and quiet inside of me. Today we've got the four of wands of the Druidcraft Tarot. Usually it stands for celebration after  the work is done. But here the celebration is over; There’s little left of the bonfire. Everyone has gone back home. Since I’m not a party person, I like this moment of rest. Yes I do acknowledge that celebrating successes (and not only the large ones) is important, but the quietness after, the moment of nothing left to do is so wonderful. That’s when I truly can feel my thankfulness.
Yesterday was another gardening day, raking leaves, dispose of dead plants and so forth. Of course the most of it was done by my daughter but nevertheless the feeling of having this done is so good.
This morning I went for the first time to a physiotherapist who will teach me how to move properly without straining my neck so much. I've got exercises to do at home but it also involves a lot of changes. For instance I am now sitting straight up at the dinner table writing on my laptop instead of in my comfy chair. And OMG it feel so much better already.  I am typing this post without hardly any pain at all! I am so relieved and thankful. And that is another aspect of this card for me: being thankful for achievements. This is apparently a minor one but the impact for me is huge.


  1. Reading "sitting straight up" and looking at those tall, straight poles. :) Hurrah for less pain!

    1. I will put one of those poles in my shirt :)
      But serious it's going so much better already.