Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let the sunshine in

October 8: Some days in October are sunny. What do I need he sun for, before the beginning of winter?

The Sun Anna K Tarot
Anna K Tarot
Out of all cards, I've pulled The Sun From the Anna K Tarot! What are the odds! This card has just the sun depicted: No child, horse or what so ever. Just a warm blazing sun shining on a beautiful field of sunflowers and some houses in the distance. Although I don’t like to be in the sun during the midst of summer, these days I enjoy its warmth and light while I can. With a book in garden or walking my dog. It’s like I want to soak up the last rays of sunshine before the dark winter begins. And with those rays every other positive shining aspect of this card; For me The Sun is mostly about the self: self respect, self awareness and self love. When you develop all these things, in the end that will lead to unselfishness: letting go of ego’s desires. It’s of course also a card about joy and happiness, optimism and hope, success and growth. I think everything positive can be represented by The Sun. So what does this all mean for me? I am going to focus on enjoying myself, doing the things that make me happy and in that way gathering the light of this radiant sun in my heart. So It can be my guide during the dark cold winter days.


  1. The Anna K. Sun card just gives me a "sunny" feeling, like I should be out having a picnic enjoying all the beauty in life. :)

    1. Yes this card is almost glowing :)

  2. Yes, grabbing all the rays we can get before the night's draw in! Your winter is probably much like ours - it gets light so late and dark so early, it's good to greet the sun while it's still there at all :)

  3. Yes our winter is quite the same. I do have to say,although I like the sun. I function much better in the darker half of the year. But walking in the autumn sun is just lovely.:)