Monday, October 14, 2013

Tarot prompts from Mabon To Samhain (part 4)

These are the prompts for the next seven days. Have fun! Again, all credits go to Berthe van Soest.

October 15: Teresa of Avila is a mystic of the sixteenth century. Today is her feast day. Theresia had intimate contact with God. In what way do you and the Divine interact?

October 16: It is said that on the feast day of Saint Teresa the mosquitoes that have plagued us all summer with their buzz and itchy bumps have died.  What has plagued me last summer, and will no longer tease me now?

October 17: Fly Agarics remind us of gnomes. In fairy tales gnomes are little helpers. They shine shoes and clean our houses. What do I need a gnome for?                                           

October 18: Today is the feast day of St. Luke, the evangelist. Luke describes remarkably healing miracles in his gospel. Probably he was a doctor. Who or what can heal me?

October 19: The leaves on the vine are coloring yellow. The grape harvest is inside. The wine is bottled. What did I bottle this fall; what is my whine?

October 20: Maple seeds are hanging in pairs on the tree. They look like propellers. As they mature they split and are carried away by the wind. Where do I want the wind to take me?

October 21: Nights grow longer and we’re falling to sleep more easily because it’s getting colder. what are my dreams telling me?

October 22: A windless days in October. Trees reflected in a pond. Heaven and earth are in a quiet balance. How do I find balance?

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