Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Inner Sun Spread

This is a spread I've found at “First Earth Tarot”; the blog of Olivia Destrades.
Yesterday I pulled the Sun for answering the question; what do I need the sun for. I thought it was a good idea to do this spread now. I've used the Crystal Visions Tarot. Also I incidentally switched the north/south and east/west positions but never the less  for me the outcome is the same J 
tarot spread crystal visions tarot1 Me now – The tower. There he is again.  In this spread I want to focus on the gulls who are flying away from the crumbling tower. Me, trying to fly high and free, but also searching for a safe place to land.
2 The Gifts I have to share – The ace of cups. I am glad to say I can share a lot of love nowadays, because I´m learning to love myself.
3 The gifts I am still developing – The Fool. That card made me laugh. Yes I like to be more spontaneous, less swordy all the time. Just to try something new without fear or worries would be fun
4 My deepest desires – Seven of Cups. I want a lot. And I honestly think I am worth it, but I always hesitate, because I don’t seem to know what I really, really want. And what is the one desire I want the most? Do I dare to look into that?
5 Advice for manifesting my desires – Page of swords. I like that guy; Swordy but not so strict. I think he will help me to choose my heart’s desire and  to ignore the fluttering thoughts in my mind, so I can focus on manifesting one desire at the time.

To round up this reading for myself I pulled laguz the rune of deep waters and intuition. Yes, when I have to figure out my heart’s desire then my page and I could use some intuition J


  1. Replies
    1. No, Sharyn, although the deck has a lot of purple and indigo blue there's is also red (Wands) and green in the pentacles. I know it looks very girlish but I think it is really good deck :D

  2. I'm so glad you tried the spread, and reorganized it to fit your style! The deck is pretty... I've wondered about it, and isn't this the deck with the extra mystery card?

    1. Yes it is, although I didn't get is once!
      btw I didn't reorganize the spread I just made a mistake but I didn't want to take an other picture (lol)

    2. Hahaha, okay :) Well yeah, I read about that extra card. It seems not unlike the High Priestess, in a way.. while she can mean many things, I often think of her as the holder of things we aren't yet meant to know. I just added the deck to my wish list. gahhh.

    3. You won't be sorry. And otherwise it's a lovely deck to read together with your daughter.:)
      I've just ordered the Wildwood Tarot from Freebookdispository (free shipping) It will take about a fortnight to arrive

    4. yay! I am happy to hear that! I can't wait to hear about how you get on with it :)