Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lake - Stillness

October 26: In October it’s getting dark earlier. We make it cozy inside, lighting candles and we turn increasingly inward. What is center of my house?
Lake - Stillness, Earth Magic Oracle
 Earth Magic Oracle Cards
For this question I've chosen the Earth Magic Oracle from Steven Farmer. This is a beautiful deck which I tend to forget for no particularly reason at all. I've drawn Lake – Stillness. Following is an excerpt from the guidebook:
“The tempo of life these days has sped up considerably, and there seems to be no end to this quickening pace. Immersed as we are in the technological whirlpool, there seems no escape. However there is no need to be a prisoner to the ‘hurry up’ syndrome , nor is there a need to feel trapped by the awareness of the  collective intensities that massive numbers of humans are experiencing these days.
No matter if the noise is from your environment or your seemingly non-stop thinking, it is critical for you to seek  stillness. Find it in your world, whether it is a special place in your home or a place in nature that is far from man-made noise. Of particular importance is finding it inside yourself, which can be made easier by being in a quiet place in a natural setting. Doing so not only relaxes your mind, but also heightens your awareness and senses.”
I know it is very important for me to seek out silence because a quiet mind doesn’t come naturally for me and my surroundings are often rather distractive. Fortunately I have a bedroom for myself with my altar, my most precious books and al my decks and so forth. If I need some time and space alone I can go there.
Basically a sound advice but when I further look into it then I wonder if it is me who  is the center of my house. A house can be the physical building you live in but it's also the body which is carrying you. When you read lake that way it is so important to find you inner lake, take the boat and go there in times of turmoil.
I´ve learned through experiences, if I'm okay my family benefits from that. So it is in my opinion not wrong to be selfish or egocentric as long as you don´t intentionally hurt or deprive other people by this attitude. This goes against everything I've been raised with.
So of to my room with a cup of coffee because me daughter and her boyfriend are watching TV now. For the next hour it’s me myself and I. J


  1. This is the perfect post for me to read today. Once November starts, my life gets hectic as the holidays, birthdays and other celebrations draw near. If I'm going to maintain my sanity, I need to find that still point within. :)

    1. Same here. Everybody seems to need me for something or want something from me at the end of the year. This is the perfect time to practice the inner stillness, for if we can manage this now, we can manage it always :)