Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All you need is love

October 9: A large oak tree can grow from a small acorn. Acorns symbolize the harvest of projects that need a long time to bear fruit. What takes a long time for me to bear fruit?

Ace of Cups, Druidcraft Tarot
Druidcraft Tarot
My card for today is the Ace of cups from the Druidcraft Tarot. Not the most easy card for me but definitely a beautiful card. Always when I see this card I think: “my cup runneth over”. I wish it was. The Ace of cups is all about love; all sorts of love. But when your cup keeps pouring love there must be a source inside that keeps the flow going. And strangely that source is the same love. I used to think the more love you get, the more you have to give. But when one of my main sources of love was cut off, my cup didn't run over any more. After a long process of grief and healing acceptance, I've learned that it isn't the more you get, the more you can give. But instead, the more you give, the more you have. For you cannot give what isn't already there.  The second thing was that loving myself is as valid as being loved by somebody else. So gradually my spring of love is coming to life again. Now I realize it will be a lifetime of tending and caring for this strong and yet so fragile flowing cup. And my harvest? A lifetime of drinking and sharing from that same cup.


  1. It seems selfish to say, but I firmly believe I have to have a full cup to drink from myself before there is any extra to spill over in other people's lives. Women are so good at taking care of others, but not so good at taking care of themselves. First things first. :)

    1. Yes I agree. If you don't love yourself you cannot love others. But I think that works almost simultaneously. Only when there was a longer period of lack of love (What a lot of women experience when they sacrifice themselves for the good of the family) then you first have to replenish the well before you can share. Just put out a sign: Closed for maintenance! :)

    2. "Closed for maintenance" - I like that one!

  2. "I've learned that it isn't the more you get, the more you can give. But instead, the more you give, the more you have"

    This is a lovely thought. I think that when you give of yourself voluntarily and unselfishly, spaces are created within us to fill with extra love and light. Kind of like the cup runneth over.

    Haha, I laughed at the 'closed for maintenance' idea.

  3. That is a beautiful idea. I will remember that.
    And it's probably healthy to keep the lid on your cup now and then :D

  4. I enjoyed this so much. Sounds like a lesson I learned during the Arwen Remodeling project a few years ago. Had to strip myself down to the bone to see what was what.