Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The World – The end of our Journey?

Anna K Tarot The World
For today I've drawn The World from the Anna K tarot. This is far out the most beautiful version of The World I have in my collection. In this depiction we see  the universe enfolding the World tree, the Yggdrasil. The sun, the moon phases, the night sky, filled with stars; all are here to celebrate the end of the Fools journey. The fool, the explorer, the wander, has traveled through the entire Major Arcana  and he has learned so much. But the most important thing he’s learned is to be who he truly is: The Fool, the most authentic part of our selves, ready to travel the next winding of the spiraling journey towards becoming one with everything, with the Universe, with God(dess)
I think this spiraling journey inwards is the greatest adventure we can have in this lifetime. It is a voyage beyond compare: climbing mountains, fighting dragons, finding our significant other, leaning about magic and deep wisdom, being guided by celestial bodies; always on our way and always home for the journey is within.
“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”
T.S. Eliot


  1. Your mention of Yggdrasil made me think of the world mythologies, not just the ancient ones, but the modern-day religious ones too. For me, they are not something I must choose to believe IN, but a way to see my life from a spiritual viewpoint, a container that can shape my purpose for being alive. These philosophies and stories can give it a shape, even if I don't believe in them literally.

    1. I don't believe in myths about creation and Gods either. But they are telling a profound Truth each in its own way. It is often beneath the first layers, this truth can be discovered.
      There is a wonderful YouTube channel about the Hidden knowledge in old Norse Myths
      Maybe you will find it interesting too

    2. Just had time to listen to the first one, but I'm very impressed! I've got a buddy who's very much into Norse mythology that I'll have to send that link to - thank you!

    3. So was I. She explains a lot about the meaning of the gods their names in Old Norse. Often mythtology is so much more than stories of "ignorant" people

  2. Yes, this is lovely representation of The World card. (My son also drew this as his daily today though he used the Illuminati deck). I was looking through my app again as your posts have inspired me to rethink Anna K. Not that I need another deck lol, but then 'need' is a somewhat mutable term, isn't it ;)

    And to expand upon your Eliot quote I'll offer another, equally relevant, I think..."At the still point of the turning world, there the dance is."

    1. Thank you for the quote Rose!
      Luckily my "need" for decks has decreased over the last few months. The only two on my wishlist are the Wild Unknown and the Celtic Lenormand!

  3. I'd be hard-pressed to choose my favourite World card - the Tarot of the Sidhe one has a similar flavour to this one, but more colour. And the Wildwood one also has this kind of feel… The joy and the problem with so many decks :)

    As you say, it is gorgeous. For me, I see an acknowledgement of the cycles of life, and that growth comes from both the warmth of the sun, from activity, and from the dark of the moon and looking inward… Back to balance, as so often :)

    1. It always comes back to keeping balance.:D
      The World cards you've mentioned are also gorgeous.I guess the depiction of the world tree is a beautiful symbol for this card.