Thursday, February 5, 2015

Four of Air – Quieting the mind

Gaian Tarot Four of Air  Joanna Colbert
Four Robins eggs are safely  tucked away in a nest made of twigs, leaves moss, and grasses. The nest is hidden for everyone who would want to take a peek or who might want to disturb it.
This card is the equivalent of the Four of Swords and is all about making a safe haven for yourself where your mind and soul can come to rest. This can be through meditation, prayer, making art or by just sitting quietly and doing nothing.
Be aware of predators who want to invade your little sacred nest. They are not always the needy people in your life but also the inner ones;  the Ego voices who want to distract you from taking a time out and trying to listen to the little soft voice of your intuition, which is often merely a whisper. Try to be aware of the distractions your Ego is setting up for you.
Lately I find myself again being very susceptible for the temptation and compelling pull of the internet. Many things I haven’t thought of myself I seem to need and sometimes obsessively WANT. It is hard for me to let go of these alluring objects and but when I do succeed, most of the time it feels like I am set free. This is a strong indication I didn't really needed/ wanted it anyway.
This morning I've read something very inspiring  in “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach. In her essay for today she wrote:
Today, deliberately turn away from the world. Don’t read the newspapers or watch the nightly news for a week—longer if you can stand it. Shun the glossy magazines featuring expensive suits designed for success. Wean yourself away from the opinions of others—however talented, creative, and celebrated they may be—as you continue to journey within. Absorb the shock of becoming aware that many of your preferences and opinions are not truly your own. Begin, instead, to listen for the whisper of your authentic self telling you which way to go.
I suppose it is all about balance. I wouldn't want to be without internet as a whole but some clear boundaries would be very healthy....


  1. Ellen I try hard, not all the time, but to be mindful of this Ellen. I am always a little happy when the internet is down because I put my energy into writing, or other quiet things. I do love my solitude. Writing and doing my daily readings first thing, helps me to balance my day, or just getting to what needs to be done before anything else, before I can feel good to start the remainder of the day, like I did today. I was late getting at the usual internet stuff but it was a good thing, It felt good and I noticed! Like you I would not want to be without my internet but balance perspective is real important to me. God only knows we don't want to become cyborgs! ;)


    1. Haha, Cyborgs People who are glued to their smartphones are often compared with ( :D
      Keeping a balance is in my opinion even more challenging than making drastic black&white decision

  2. We humans will try to find anything that will distract us from being present in the moment; no matter what we're doing, our mind is usually some place else. That little nest is the perfect representation of the Four of Swords for me. :)

    1. I love the coziness of the nest. Very different from the stone sarcophagus from the RW. Although that version does represent the detachment of daily life very well.