Thursday, February 26, 2015

Review of The Inner Wizard – Message cards from your higher self

Today I want to share my thoughts and feelings about a wonderful and gentle deck of cards. “The Inner Wizard - messages from you higher- self” is a small square deck of 84 cards. Each card has one side a short message, notelet  from a part of your higher self and on the other side a conscious new choice how to approach life. And this is for the main part what this deck is all about. And I love it!! 

The Inner Wizard - Message cards from your higher - self

There are no illustrations on the cards to trigger your intuition. You have to work mostly with written language to find meaning for your personal situation. It is almost as if I have found another key to open the door to  my intuition. 
The messages are very diverse: motivating, gentle, funny and empowering. They all adhere to the notion we can consciously and actively be a participant in our own life and life in general. The parts of our higher self, the “writers” of the notelets have also wide range of characteristics: God, your wicked self, your sense of humor, your body, your fear, your inner goddess, your future self, your wild self …..  I think that the variation in these messages and messengers add a very playful and surprising element to this deck. Each time when I pull a card, mostly in the morning I wonder: who I will hear from today? Will I get a supporting pat on the back or a soft kick in the butt?
Personally I think this deck is very suitable for daily draws. Of course you can do a three card spread if you like but with oracle decks I usually only do daily draws

A few examples

The Inner Wizard - Message cards from your higher - self

Some further information:

Each of the 84 cards has been assigned to a zodiac sign which can add another layer to the meaning of the card. Since I am a complete newbie as regards to astrology, this could be a way to familiarize myself with the zodiac signs and their attributes.  And since each zodiac sign is related to one of the four elements, you can also choose to use this aspect to enhance your reading. 
The  side of  choice proclamations are done in luscious red and the side with the the notelets have a soft pastel color according to their astrological sign.
The cards are sturdy and  have a glossy finish. They come in a nice box with a lid which is perfect to storage you cards in. In the box you will also find a leaflet with some more information about the cards and the astrological and elemental attributes
This lovely deck of cards has really found its rightful place in my collection of tarot and oracle cards.
Author: Jacob Roth & Libby Ram
Artist/Designer: Orna Ben-Shoshan
More information can be found at Kabbalah Insights: Inner Wizard
(disclaimer: although this deck was kindly given to me by the artist. This hasn't in any way influenced my review)


  1. OH Ellen!!!!! SO exciting!!!! I LOVE IT! I have studied Kabbalah for some time. It's really the way I first began learning about Tarot. So happy you have found these! Kabbalah is so wonderful and fascinating, very ancient and mystical. <3 Many hugs!!! Jumping up and down!!! :)

    1. Hi Catht! To be honest I know as much about Kabbalah as I know I about astrology and that is next to nothing.:D
      Both subjects are interesting and alluring but for now I stick with these cards.
      Hugs to you too

  2. Ellen, I have this deck and grab it from time to time. It always seems to have the right message for the moment. With the nudge of your post, I pulled the cards out and received a message from my Higher Self. :) "Be gentle with yourself, put aside your criticism, forget your mistakes,.... " I don't have time to type the whole message. As you know they are quite long. I must head off to work, but now I go with a great message to remember during the minutes of the day. Have a good one.

    1. Hi Cher How nice to hear this post has reminded you to use the deck. The messages are indeed great to carry with you during the day. You could even tuck the card in your wallet since they are so small
      Have a great weekend

  3. great cards! a good way to start any day by pulling one card in the morning.

    1. Yes it is! Not only with these cards but with every deck I've got