Friday, April 4, 2014

Wolf –Alone or part of the pack

For today I've  drawn a card from the Druid Animal Oracle: Wolf- (Faol). The keywords are: Intuition, Learning, The Shadow
This card shows a wolf stalking in the forest near the source of  the river Findhorn in Scotland. The last wolf in Britain was killed here in 1743. It is around February, the last month of winter and the first of spring. In the foreground we see snowdrops, the flower of Imbolc, the beginning spring.
“The wolf brings a strong sense of faithfulness, inner strength and intuition. But the wolf brings learning too. Sometimes you need to cross barriers, to take risks, to go beyond the limited compass of "normal" behavior in order to learn and grow, although crossing these boundaries may seem unattractive, even painful. You need not fear the inner power and strength you feel when you spend time alone. Come to know your deepest self and even in the darkest places you will find courage and spiritual companionship.”
I've never been afraid of my own company; of being by myself. Maybe because I am a typical lone wolf. I also can relate to the territorial boundaries which a wolf sets out and protects. But when we go one step further it gets difficult. The book talks about crossing the barriers and go further into unknown territory, to learn and discover what lies beyond the normal everyday routine. That is scary for me. I can travel miles into my own darkness but I find it very hard to go out, socialize and be one of the community pack again. I do go out and am able to enjoy it, but I cannot say it is my favorite pastime. I go to town with my girls, I ride my bike for exercise and I do my shopping etc. but I rather keep to myself and relax at home where I feel secure as a part of my own little pack (sometimes I wonder who is the alpha J). I don’t enjoy big gathering’s, parties and so on. It gets too overwhelming for me; too many impressions.
So back to the wolf.  I am very fond of this animal. Like the hare, I meet him often in my visualizations and I feel comfortable when he is around. He just is there where I am, and  it feels like he is guarding me. So all and all a good card to draw 


  1. I remember when I first started learning about the Jungian concept of the shadow. I assumed it only meant "bad" stuff, but was surprised to find out it includes gifts and talents that we don't want to own because of a fear (of failure usually).

    1. I agree it is not all "bad". Our shadow also contains traits which were less desirable for us girls. We've learned to discard and forget some parts of our strength.
      I sometimes wonder who I can be if I were to become "whole".
      Perhaps a bit more like the king of Rods.:D

  2. Nice post - it resonates a lot with me, in fact I was just on my way to work this morning pondering some of the same thoughts :) The Wolf was a card I drew at a time when I was considering whether or not to jump into professional reading (which terrified me). I decided I needed to close my eyes and jump into the scary unknown, and it's been a really positive experience, so I'm glad I took Wolf's advice. You've got some very strong companions in the Wolf and Hare.

    1. That is so brave of you to do. I often envy the Fool energy in other people, My leaps of faith are usually small ones; hardly noticeable for any one but me, Almost like hick ups :D