Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The gift box exercise

Today I want to share another exercise with you. I've came up with this one yesterday to pass the time in a positive way, while waiting to go with M to the hospital for her second ultrasound and  a biopsy.  I am happy to tell you things look positive but we still have to wait another week for the test results.
For now back to the exercise. When you think about it, a deck of tarot cards is like a gift box with 78 presents.
So what did I do: I picked up my Joie de Vivre Tarot and pulled a card which I interpreted like opening a present:
I am fully present in this moment to receive the gift of  (name of the card)……….. which is (gift)……………………
I've pulled  a lot of cards one after another and it felt like being showered with goodies and gifts from a group of very close friends. Sometimes when you do exercises like this you get to know your cards on a slightly different level. Which in turn can add another layer to you regular readings
A few examples:
* I am fully present in this moment to receive the gift of  Nine of Swords which is the strength to look upwards to see the hearts in the tree
* I am fully present in this moment to receive the gift of  Four of swords which is to go within and put my worries aside
* I am fully present in this moment to receive the gift of  Nine of Cups which is to wish for my heart’s desire
* I am fully present in this moment to receive the gift of  The Devil which is The awareness of having scissors to cut my cords
As you've noticed it doesn't matter if the cards are “good or bad”. Every card can be interpreted as a gift. Of course you can alter the sentence at your own discretion. It is the idea of receiving gifts that counts. For me it was an encouraging experience J


  1. Now this is another great exercise, especially as it makes you look at cards on a continuum instead of labeling them good or bad - excellent! I think James Ricklef's book first helped me see that all cards can be just as positive as they are negative. As someone who prefers to see the glass as half full instead of half empty, it helps me see even hard things in a more positive light.

    1. Thank you Sycamore. It felt really good to emphasize the positive side of every card and it can be a seen as a metaphor for real life: Every cloud has a silver lining :)

  2. Oh, I love this idea, Ellen! Really positive and life-affirming, finding the good in the present moment, and in every card :) Will keep my fingers crossed for positive test results for M - waiting is hard :(

    1. It has helped me a lot yesterday to keep my mind of worrying. Now the tests seem to be positive we are less stressed but so tired :D
      But tired is good, it feels relaxed

  3. Excellent exercise! So simple, but then the best things always are.

    Glad things are moving in the right direction with M :)

    1. Thanks! We are very happy about this positive development too