Saturday, April 5, 2014

Three card Daily Spread - Something needs to change

For today I've done a three card daily tarot spread for myself with the Druidcraft Tarot. The positions are as follows: 
1 The general energy of the day
2 The challenge of the day
3 The gift of today

1 The general energy of the day- The Four of Cups. It seems my lethargy of the past week isn't quite over yet. The events with M has taken a lot of my energy and I am still feeling a bit “bleh”. The cards of the last three days have been obvious doorways to a different mindset but I have not yet been able to give in to their call. I am thinking a lot about what I want to change and what is worth to hold on to. But looking at the person in the card it is clear my batteries has to be recharged again
2 The challenge of the day – Three of wands.  This card is urging me to rise up and stand tall . To look at the road ahead.  To be aware of what I have accomplished and  how foolish it would be to stay in the shadow of the tree too long. The road is there to be taken, not to be looked at.
3 The gift of today - The Hermit. And what a gift this is. Not only do I have to look at the road ahead but I also have to look inward to become mentally and spiritually aligned: to discover if what I want and where I want to go from here is in sync with my heart’s desire, my core purpose, Sometimes I am too eager and impulsive; to all or nothing and it is a wise thing to reflect before I continue to walk the road ahead.

While reading these three cards it occurred to me how the man in the Three of Wands and the Hermit are connected in this spread. They both are standing straight and are looking in the distance. In the three of wands the man is standing in the shade of the tree and is looking into the bright light of the day while The Hermit has his lantern to light his path in the night. They both are standing on higher ground; a safe place to consider their next move or decision. And they both are supported by either a tree or a staff. Finally the last thing I've noticed was that in both cards a path is depicted. In the Hermit card the path has lead him to the cliff, while in the Three of Wands the path is yet to be discovered.  I love how this Hermit is accompanied by the wolf of yesterday’s draw. It is just like he is trying to get my attention again. How wonderful it will be to find some Hermit moments today 


  1. What a great reading. When I am stuck in the mud, it can be hard to take a look at the big picture (3 of Wands and Hermit). But when I do, I get a better perspective of reality and realize my glum mood will change, I won't be there forever.

    1. Thank you. Most of the time this deck is so clear to me I am feeling the change today already. And The sun is out, I've been riding my bike and I enjoyed watching all the flowers and blossoming trees along the way
      You are so right about moods changing always. It when you feel stuck it seems to last forever though :)

  2. Great reading! What struck me was perhaps the trail in the 3 of Wands leads you to the cliff of the Hermit. :)

    1. Yes that makes perfect sense. When you would start walking during the day you could reach the cliff hermit at night.