Thursday, April 3, 2014

The King of Rods – not my best friend

After all the hectic events of the last couple of days we are getting back in our normal routine and for this day I have drawn the King of Rods from the Anna K tarot. This king is radiating fire and passion. Most of the picture is painted in yellow, red and orange. He is walking with a confident pace and a clenched fist which both are signs of his determination. Looking at his face I don’t think he is angry. He is creative and resourceful and  he inspires (expects) others to be so too (No pressure J)
“I am not a tame man. Although I am a leader, and bear responsibility well, my heart is forever free from the restraints of guilt, shame or routine. I am the fire behind all new adventures. I thrive on dynamic change. I live life to the fullest, and choose to pursue every experience I can that will bring excitement and enrichment into my life. I live by my convictions, and guard them with passion. I love grand gestures, dramatic expression, artistic pursuits. I am a force to be reckoned with, and I command respect from everyone.” (Leila Vey)
Well to be honest, I am not a King of Rods person. He is too dominant in my opinion: Fire times two.He is too much of everything. I would be shattered by someone like him. Perhaps it is significant that I don’t like the guy. What does it say about me? I used to be a people pleaser; making everybody happy at my own expense. A lot has happened since then and now I am in a place where most of the time I am brave enough to say :”No!” . But I think beneath that strong voice there is still a lot of insecurity  and fear: what if something happens and I will fall back into those old behavior patterns?
Perhaps that is what this king is representing for me: an over overconfident person who will overstep  my fragile boundaries. And of course this King  can also be a pressing situation where I am obliged to give in for everybody’s sake. While writing this and thinking it over I am not surprised I don’t like this king. 


  1. We need to hook him up with the court card I drew for the day (and am intimidated by). Maybe the fire and water would balance them a bit. :)
    I completely understand your feelings after going through a hectic time; I'd much rather draw the Star or something!

    1. Ha ha let's start a dating service for court cards:)
      I prefer your queen over my king though

  2. :) How can you not like this guy? He goes after what he wants. Well, yeah, he's not afraid to step on anyone to get there. I can see how he could be intimidating. I think the message is for you to take on a bit of his qualities. Perhaps that need to say 'no' is right around the corner and this is a reminder to stand up for what you need rather than what someone needs from you.

    1. "take on a bit of his qualities". Thank you, I think you are absolutely right. As I mentioned:it is often meaningful when you dislike a card. this says more about me than about this king :D
      So "No" it is or a big "Yes" to Myself! :D