Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Emperor – Freedom within Rules

Sometimes it looks like the tarot is playing games with me: for today I've drawn the Emperor, the ultimate masculine energy in the deck. This is the third post in a row about masculinity. And besides that, it is the first time I've pulled this card for my blog. So what does The Emperor has to tell me? It used to be no more than an archetypal image of a father for me. Very much  like my own father: a structured fair man who took care of and provided for his family. A loving and supportive father whose memory I hold dear to my heart. As easy as I have assigned The Empress card as a symbol for the Goddess, The Emperor has never left the earthly realm. In most depictions he is sitting on a concrete throne and it looks as if he has never left his seat.
But not this emperor. He has climbed the mountain on his own accord. He is determined to show me that he is worthy to rise above his physical empire. He wants to be reunited with his Empress, so they will  become One again: masculine and feminine, equal and inseparable. This season is of course  is the perfect timing for me to finally understand this. The background of  this depiction symbolizes beautifully his fiery nature. I love the eagle in this card. A symbol of flying fearless, aiming high and being free. But also a symbol of vision and decisiveness;of what has to be done in order to be the protective guardian of the empire.

On a more personal level this cards advises me to be more structured in my daily living. Too much time is wasted with trivial diversions like zapping, surfing, etc. I would like to become the emperor of my own life again. There is so much more I want to do in a day and I get so easily distracted.  So I am going to trust and depend upon my own power and I am going to make some kind of structure for myself with enough room to play around. 


  1. I used to cringe when I got this card. Then somewhere I read that the Empress has no boundaries; she is like the spring rains and thunderstorms that may cause flooding. We need the rain, just not that much of it. The Emperor is the one who structures and gives boundaries to what she gives without measure, so that we don't get flooded. This idea helped me view him in a more objective light. :)

    1. This is a great metaphor. One cannot exist without the other. There has to be balance. Like Yin and Yang
      I guess this is one of the most balanced symbols I know