Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New moon in July : Theme - Four of Pentacles

For this new Moon I’ve only drawn one card for the theme of this lunation and it happens to be one of the same cards as in yesterday’s spread: the Four of Pentacles from the Original Rider Waite Tarot.  Since it is a Theme for the month card I thought it would be wise to view this card from various angles, using my Daily draw exercise:
Some keywords are: Structure, greed, protection, hoarding, frugality
What is the gift ?Being grateful for the abundance of your belonging and resources
What is the challenge? Not to become over possessive of your stuff, which can easily turn in to greed and hoarding
What  are you grateful for? I am grateful for having enough resources to live without concerns for lack or scarcity.
Journaling prompt: In what ways am I aware of my own worth and how do I acknowledge this?
I remember a time when  I got my first piggy bank and how I cried when I wasn’t allowed to get my money back. I was a “big spender” when I was a kid.
Affirmation:I use the abundance in my life wisely and compassionately” James Ricklef.
Quote: We make ourselves rich by making our wants few.” H.D. Thoreau
Naming the Goddess: She who bestows her blessings freely and without restraint.
What stands out the most and why? He only has four pentacles to guard. I think the more we have, the more energy it takes to take care of our possessions. This card today fits well in my longing for a more simple and decluttered lifestyle. Just this morning M and I have brought a carload of  stuff and rubbish to the dump. It felt so freeing to let go of it all and make our home more spacious. This card is also a warning not to replace this pile of junk with other stuff. Ah all those temptations… I know they won’t make me more happy in the long run.
Also I want to be more aware of my own fluctuating energy levels and not to feel so guilty if I keep some of my energy for myself when I need it. Saying "No" is still very difficult for me....(see journaling prompt)
All thing considered I think the Four of Pentacles will prove to be a great theme for the coming weeks.


  1. I've been on a clean-out blitz at home (well before the accident at least). I live with two "collectors" who never throw out anything. As we try to get my MIL's things out of her apartment, it suddenly seemed imperative to declutter our own home. It does feel good doesn't it? :0

    1. Haha My husband is a collector too and although he doesn't live with us he still wants to make sure we don't throw way any of his stuff! :
      And also for myself as a Taurus it is difficult to let go of my things. yesterdays I threw away stacks of magazines from years ago which I hardly ever use anymore
      I hope you will be able to continue your decluttering soon my friend because it definitely feels so good :)

  2. So many possibilities with this card, as you so beautifully described. Choosing what to guard or "hold onto" and what to let go is a decision made every day!

    1. You're so right Zanna. M was weeding the garden this afternoon and I realized she had to make that decision over and over again: which plant has to die for the others to grow stronger and for the overall look of our garden?

  3. I got this card recently in a relationship spread and have been wondering how to work through it. I know it's a message about loosening boundaries, and I like how you mentioned decluttering. I definitely could declutter some mental and emotional stuff! Thanks for your insights :)

    1. You're welcome Cathy.
      Sometimes we need a wake-up call to realize how much stuff we collect, physically and mentally and the four of Pentacles can be a great card for this.
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Maybe that four of pents is just a suggestion that is okay to take care of yourself first. We forget to put ourselves first.
    I had a piggy bank when I was much younger. I thought saving for another day was a good idea, then my sisters and brothers cracked it open and spent my savings on candies.

    1. Putting myself first certainly doesn't come natural for me. :
      Sorry to have reminded you of this childhood trauma :(

    2. Most all reminders of childhood are good to have, even the memories of the unjust, harsh, and sicky days. They are part of me that make me, me.

    3. And they have taught us that life is not always sunshine and roses :)