Thursday, March 5, 2015

Berkano and the Five of Pentacles – Self-care is so important

Original Rider Waite Tarot Five of Pentacles, Runes Berkano
Today's Rune is Berkano (Birch), the rune of the Divine Feminine, the archetypal  mother, creativity, fertility and growth. The corresponding tarot card is of course The Empress. But this is not the card which I drew for myself today. That would be the Five of Pentacles. This is almost the opposite of Berkano: poverty and stagnation, insecurity about ourselves and about our circumstances.
So what is the message for today? Berkano urges us to wrap ourselves in a warm soft cloak of self-care when we feel low. I suppose a lot of us, including myself, are a bit worn out by the enduring cold, wet and grey weather. When I feel like this, I  do have a tendency to neglect myself and focus even more on the welfare of others. There is just not enough energy for me left.  Maybe it should be more the other way around. First get myself back on my feet and when I feel good about myself, I would be so much more able to be there for others. Sometimes it only takes a rune and a tarot card to show me what is really important for me now:

Ways to take care of myself:

Take a long shower with soft scented lotions
Make a nice hot cup of coffee
Light some candles
Listen to music
Eat milk chocolate with hazel nuts
Flip through my favorite deck
Moisturize my skin
Take a walk
Make art
Read a fantasy novel
Watch a movie
Apply some, (not too much) make up

Any more idea’s???


  1. Music that inspires you to move whether that be something lyrical and watery or strong and earthy or whatever gets the body moving its feelings.

    I'm so enjoying these combinations and today's interpretation is particularly lovely and speaks to me as mom and wife.

    Where did you get your runes?

    1. Thanks Rose! Dancing isn't something I'd come up with myself but I will try it for sure.:)
      I am glad you enjoy these combinations. I've made the runes myself (some pebbles and a waterproof black pen)

    2. Ah, that's why they're so compelling, they've got some of your life energy in them. What a beautiful meditation!

  2. I am reminded of the cold, gray winter followed by the warm, green of spring with this combination. And like you said, sometimes that change can be helped along by some small change on my part. :)

    1. That is a very welcome prospect!
      I've mixed up a few of my possible ways of self-care into a very pampering experience. It does make a lot of difference! :)

  3. When it's cold, I love to do some exercise, to warm me through. Dance or bike or whatever. I find I feel less tired and more energetic after it :) I'd also put catching up with some of my friends' blogs on my self-care list, so 'Hi!' :D

    1. Hi Chloe Glad to be of help!! LOL
      I think I am going to make my bike very happy this weekend :)

  4. I love to listen to some good middle eastern music that gets me belly dancing!
    I watch Saturday Night Live Videos which always give me a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and dancing to some good tunes helps a lot. And I get lots of sleep.

    On the 21st of this month on the first day of Spring, a core group of my life long friends are gathering for a mini women's weekend rallying around our friend who is very ill. This will help all of us I am certain. We always get together every year and it helps rejuvenate and bond us as women. For many years I attended Spiritual retreats in the Spring and the Fall. These were always so strengthening.

    1. That sounds like a wonderful experience Catherine. I hope your friend will find it a healing one too.
      Last night I was playing with my Goddess oracle and I pulled Uzume, goddess of laughter
      which reminded me of your comment. it does sound like a lot of fun to do
      P.S I slept like a baby last night :)