Monday, December 30, 2013

A tarot spread for the New Year

Yesterday I've stumbled upon a great spread for the new year. It was created by Kate from Daily TarotGirl and she has made a video about it too.  It’s not a twelve month spread but more an overall view for the coming year. I liked it so much, I've done this reading for my daughters as well as for myself. We were all amazed about the accuracy of the readings. Whether it was the spread, the deck or our own awesomeness, It was a great experience to do this together.J
I've used the Druidcraft Tarot (just as Kate did) because I am very fond of this deck and I tend to use it for larger spreads. Now that I've trimmed the borders the colors of all the cards together are so beautiful 
Druidcraft Tarot
1 The overall message of the reading:  - The Lovers
For me this is a card of feeling whole. A synergy of male and female; mind and heart. This card also urges me to really, fully connect to the things I want to accomplish and to go for it; to be passionate about it.
2 Your goals and dreams for 2014 and how do you make things happen? - Nine of Swords.
I want to let go of my anxiety and worries and to learn to trust in myself and in the future. No more long negative spiraling into the black hole!
3 What actions are needed to be successful?- Three of Swords.
I still have to process parts of my grief, pain and sadness to be able to move forward
4 What do you leave behind in 2013? -  Four of Swords.
I've been resting long enough! Now it’s time to pick myself up and make things happen
5 The theme of 2014 : -Two of Wands.
I was indecisive and insecure. I knew my current situation was solid and save. But I felt like there had to be more, only I was too afraid to make the next move.  Now is the time to step over the threshold and make a the first step
6 Where  will 2014 lead us? -  Three of Pentacles.
YAY! My creativity card. I am starting to feel more relaxed already when I am drawing and I want to improve that by drawing (or painting , writing, collage etc) more often and to really be thankful and happy with the things I will create in 2014
7 Obstacles for 2014: - Five of Cups.
I have to be careful not to be overwhelmed by feeling sorry for myself when I am feeling sad or anxious. It’s better to focus on what is still there than on what I've lost
8 Gifts and talents for 2014: -  Ace of Swords.
 I am developing a new, more positive way of thinking. My gifts are my mind, my words, my writing; Those are the gifts I can use to find clarity, new idea’s and insights.
9 Message from your guides before you step into the new year: -  The world.
Wow! What a beautiful message: “You are already whole: You are who you are supposed to be at this very moment. Everything is okay. Just take the next step and your path will unfold itself into the new year.”
I wish everybody to be able to take that next step into 2014
Happy New Year! 


  1. What a great spread and wonderful message! And you're right - the Druidcraft is stunningly beautiful with the cards laid out like that (I trimmed mine too). How cool is it that you got the 3 of Pents for where the new year will lead you! :)

    1. Yes my heart did leaped from excitement when I saw that card. It is a very promising card indeed. :D

  2. That's a great reading you've got there! I noticed a few people have swords in their readings for the new year, and the suit seems to be offering it's positive qualities rather than the negative. It looks like a few of us will be doing our best to foster constructive thinking so we have more energy for our goals. The Three of Pentacles is a good card... it looks like you'll definitely be manifesting something of personal value in 2014!

    1. The funny thing was, I did a spread how to make the most of my new years resolutions and from the 15 cards I pulled there wasn't a single swords card. The greens from the pentacles was overwhelming. I think I am going to buy some sketchbooks :D

  3. How wonderful, having the reading encapsulated with those two Major cards! Seems like a strong, wonderful year, full of potential :)

    1. I think I was so happy with my three of pentacles that I didn't even notice those two majors at the beginning and the end. I appreciate it very much when you add something to my reading. Thanks Kerry! :D

  4. Good reading! Abide by it ;)

    All the very best in 2014. If something goes awry here I'll blame you, you have the days first~
    hugs, Sharyn

  5. Thank you Sharyn, I wish you and your family also a wonderful and healthy 2014