Saturday, January 10, 2015

Queen of Spirals - The Muse

Chrysalis Tarot The Muse, Queen of Spirals, Queen of Wands, Holly SierraToday’s card is the Queen of Spirals (Wands): Yes another Queen has come to me today! This Queen is a perfect example of how “The Troupe” aka the court cards in the Chrysalis Tarot are not always similar to their Rider Waite Counterparts. Usually we experience the Queen of Wands as the fiery, extrovert and passionate queen; our go to archetype in need of courage, confidence and creative drive. 
The Queen of Spirals however is much more gentle and she approaches you with care and softness. This is highlighted by her spirit animal; a fawn. Just like this fawn she comes silently and if you try to catch her she gone in an instant. And look how she holds her hand to calm and reassure you. She is your inspiration. Whenever you are doubting and feeling insecure, she whispers softly in your ear or give you a slight nudge in the right direction. She is your stream of consciousness, your intuition. She knows what you need even better than yourself.
Whenever you write, paint, dream, sing or whatever creative outlet you prefer, she is there to wake up your inner wisdom and to let it come into being; on the paper, in the words, as a vision…..
This is what she has in common with her more fiery sisters: She inspires…..

"Often the Muse will not respond to direct and logical requests. She must be lured in with the playful and gentle. (Jill Badonsky)


  1. I think I prefer a Queen of Wands that gives you a gentle nudge rather than a rap over the head for encouragement, lol. Being too fired up can send me scurrying off to hide in the other direction. :)

  2. Haha exactly! this queen is less intimidating then her sisters

  3. Beautiful Queen Ellen. I like this Queen a lot! She reminds me more of the Queen of Cups.

  4. I like the gentle inspiration here. Though as you say, having to listen to a soft whisper seems a far cry from traditional Queen of Wands creativity and enthusiasm :)

    1. The traditional Queen of Wands can sometimes be a bit overwhelming indeed. :)