Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Spiritual Journey Reading with The Chrysalis Tarot (II)

Today I wanted to share the Tarot reading which I did last night. It was very special to lay out the cards in a self created spread. Interpreting the reading took a bit longer than usual because thoughts and feelings were changing over time. Finally this is what I came up with:

Spiritual Journey Tarot Spread - Chrysalis Tarot.

1 Right now I am here; this is my current situation: The Pilgrim – Page of Scrolls

I am a seeker of  truth. Always reading and learning, but kind of lost along the way. I carry a lot of baggage, not sure what to bring along and what to discard. Always searching for a more beautiful butterfly

2 Where do I come from? Herne the Hunter – The Chariot

Willpower and strength has brought me here. Determination to succeed has made me hopeful.

3 Where do I want to go? Nine of Scrolls

I want to conquer my fears; to unnerve them with my mind. I want to let go of my worries and anxieties! 

4 Where does God(dess) want me to go? Moon – The Moon

To  my inner core where fears are born, To connect with my intuition and to dare to embrace  my shadowy parts in the light of the Moon. This way I will gradually become whole. This is such a different process than deciding not to be afraid anymore. (3) And it is God(dess) (The Moon) who will embrace me when I am stranded on an island and don’t know which way to go.

5 What is blocking me, holding me back? The Watcher – Queen of Mirrors

This card was a bit confusing. How could my most favorite card block me. Maybe it could be a warning not to become to dependent and/or fixated on the archetype of The Watcher; Trying too much to be like her and when I cannot succeed this could result in feelings of in disappointment, failure and insecurity

6 What is helping me on the way? Six of Stones

Of course: Practicing Loving Kindness! Giving love to others and to myself. Not just feeling love and meditate about it but showing it in so many various ways. And besides that, also trying to accept the gift of love from others too. Taking care for and loving one and other is the most nourishing and strengthening practice one can think of.  The Tree of Life show us everything is connected

7 An encouraging nudge from God(dess) Five of Spirals

By a fierce Dragon I am chased from my hiding place; out of the darkness into the light of the Crescent  Moon. Stop my inner struggling and do something! This feels a bit more pressing than a nudge though! J


  1. The Queen of Cups can sometimes be an emotional sponge as she nurtures and loves others. I know some empathetic people who suffer from emotional overload. Perhaps this card is learning how to keep boundaries while you support others?
    I see you did get quite a bit of helpful information from this spread!

    1. If I understand correctly then what is blocking me is lack of boundaries?? that would make a lot of sense Thank you Bev!

  2. What a great spread, Ellen! I love what you've come up with, and you've also got a nice selection of cards there. I think Herne is definitely one of my favorite cards in the deck.

    1. Thanks Olivia. It was such a lovely experience figuring out what it was I wanted to learn from this spread
      I do like Herne too.He is very determined and strong willed I guess