Thursday, October 30, 2014

Queen of Stones - waking up from hibernation

Wildwood Tarot Queen of Stones Will Worthington
For today I've drawn the Queen of Stones from the Wildwood tarot. We see a mother bear checking the weather outside her winter lair. Is it already warm enough to end her hibernation and go out with her cubs? Or is it still too cold? 
Like a good Queen of Stones, this bear puts her children first. She is the nurturer, the caregiver, the main source of food and she teaches them how to be a bear. She is protective because she knows  how dangerous the world can be and perhaps she is even hesitant to take her cubs out of her safe haven.
I can relate to this fear for my “cubs”, which started when they left my house to play outside. When I think back this was the time I became more anxious and controlling. Somewhere along the line I began to fear the outside world. Of course this was a long-term process but some intimidating events did speed it up.

When we look at this queen, I feel her hesitance but also her longing for fresh air and adventure; to play with her cubs in a stream filled with salmon. To feel the warm sun on her pelt. Longing for all the good life has to offer, which is so much more than the cave were she was sleeping….


  1. It seems illogical that something so illusive as a thought could keep us from doing something. They (thoughts) can appear to be stronger than that bear. But it is a con game; hope you get all that sunshine and fresh air you long for my friend.

    1. Thanks! Yes thoughts can be like light bulbs filled with new ideas but also like a ball and a chain on my leg

  2. Fear is such a strange thing. We feel it's important to be careful, yet how much does it prevent us from doing and enjoying? Yet, fear is also an evolutionary strategy, if we were fearless, we would get ourselves in much more trouble than we do. So, it's something we need to honour, but also manage. I hope you find the right balance for your life now, Ellen, so you can enjoy exploring and playing :)

    1. Yes fear is an innate survival mechanism which is always asking us to chose between flight, fight or freeze
      Finding balance in this part of my life is long overdue. Being open about it is a start and I am positive even growing awareness will bring some change :)