Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ten of Stones: Home is where the heart is

Wildwood Tarot
The Ten of Stones – Home, from the Wildwood Tarot made me immediately think of the title of this post. It does sound a little bit cheesy but nobody can deny  there is truth in this saying. But then perhaps it also means we have to “move” a lot in life. J
In the days when people lived in houses as depicted in this card (Iron Age) life was fairly simple. It was a society where everybody knew his place and did what was expected. The house was a refuge for cold and danger. There was a fire, food and a place to sleep. But the most important thing, what made this house a home was family. The togetherness of people who loved each other. A family gives care and emotional shelter; stability and traditions.
Nowadays life is much more complicated. Families are smaller and widespread and sometimes extended with or replaced by friends. Families are left behind to make place for new families More and more people are living alone and make a home for themselves. Security and stability have to be worked hard for. Sometimes it seems the home is literally where your heart is. In YOU. When you feel at home with yourself you can carry your fire and shelter anywhere you go. You can even invite and warm others by your crackling fire. It can be as simple as an idea of security within yourself or as detailed as a visualization of a house with everything you need to feel good and at peace or… everything in between. Does this mean I think the value of family is overrated? Not at all, but I've learned sadly enough that it is wise to have more irons in the fire: the cozy hearth in the middle of the longhouse where the family gathers and your own heart, where you are always warm and safe.


  1. I do think home is where the heart is, not necessarily with those we are genetically connected to but those with whom we find love, acceptance and support. My "family" is made up of caring, compassionate people from around the world! :D

    1. I suppose that is the advantage of our rapid changing society. Only 30 years ago we where so much more confined to our own region/country. The internet was open for everybody since 1983 For us it was ten years later :)

  2. "When you feel at home with yourself you can carry your fire and shelter anywhere you go." Wonderful sentiment, Ellen, and so true! Great blog entry!