Friday, October 20, 2017

New Moon in October

Raven's Prophecy The World Maggie Stiefvater blog blogger
For this new moon, I have pulled one card from the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot as to what energy I should embrace during this next cycle of the Moon and I got The World.
After having pulled the Six of wands, the card of victory and celebration, for the two previous new moons, this card seems to encourage me to continue on this journey of well being and fulfilment
In this version of The World, we see a road with one intersection, heading towards the mountains in the distance.  For me, this symbolizes that even though we sometimes appear to have lost our path, it is always right in front of us. No need to retrace our steps or to take a turn to the left or right because going forward is the only way for us to live: Step by step, minute by minute.  Besides experiencing our life’s journey as linear, we also appear to journey in spirals: Every new cycle we start at the next winding of our spiralling path, always forward always changing; jumping from The World into the Fool’s position over and over again
The World card invites us to become aware of our accomplishments in life: not only of our successfully finished projects but also of the inner transformations we have gone through over the years. It is asking us to consider where we have come from and how we got here. Looking back, we might discover that the most difficult and challenging experiences probably have brought us the deepest feeling of fulfilment and belonging.
The first ten days of this lunation I will still be busy with my shadow work challenges, which have already brought up a lot of demanding issues. Of course, these issues do not entirely consist of darkness so I will be trying to also excavate the gifts and treasures hidden beneath the surface of these issues and give them the attention they deserve.
Also, I want to ponder about what my intentions are for my future journey: what needs to change and what is making me feel utterly content right now?

Perfect questions for journaling or just for sitting in my chair, listening to the wind in trees… and letting my mind whirl along with the dancing leaves


  1. I'm really enjoying the simplicity of this deck. The road reminds me of how often I refer to my spiritual journey, as if there is a destination to reach. In reality, it is ongoing.😊

    1. It is growing on me too. I am wondering what it is I will discover when I have crossed those mountains and where it will lead me from there. Yes, I agree, there is no destination; it is all about the journey :)

  2. Now this might sound a bit out of 'left field' but when I saw this card I heard "buy a new pair of tennis shoes and get out go walking." The World finishes the journey the Fool started and now she sets off down a new path as she begins a new path. The Fall is your favorite time of year, maybe a walk or drive out in the countryside would be nice.

    1. A new path, a new pair of shoes, I like that a lot. Walking and riding my bicycle are for me the best way to go out and about and to enjoy the fall weather
      Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Walking that road, journeying one step at a them, we're are all on, hopefully becoming better human beings.

    Ellen I can imagine you in your chair listening to the wind blow, watching the leaves.

    I've been walking everyday for close to an hour. It's changed how I think, how I feel, which is more positive than usual and my perspective has increased clarity. This is such a beautiful time of year and I'm actually going to be able to feel better about Winter this year I think. I got a cord of wood delivered today and will spend tomorrow stacking it in the garage. It smells so good!:) Sprucy!

    1. Walking is indeed the perfect way to clear your mind. I hope Winter will be kind to you this year. At least it is good to know you are well prepared