Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Wheel - Carving out Space and Time

Druidcraft Tarot the wheel
Question to draw a card with: How can I take care of myself during the last days of this year? And I got The Wheel from the DruidCraft Tarot.
Some keywords for this card are Completion  and beginning of a cycle.
For me this is a perfect card for the last out breath of this year. A time to  recuperate from the stressful Christmas season. Only one festivity to go and then the new year will begin. The priestess is drawing a circle with her wand, while holding a symbol of the wheel of the year in her other hand. The circle is almost completed. It is a symbol for a completed cycle but it is also a sacred space, out of time out of place, where we can recharge and/or ground ourselves and where we can connect with Spirit. It is so essential to carve out space and time for ourselves this time of year to withdraw from everyday distractions. This way we can reflect on what has been and what may come. This is the perfect time to set new intentions and let go of outdated beliefs.
I hope you will all be able to give yourself the gift of Space and Time these last few days of the year.  


  1. Perhaps to reinforce the idea, with your wonderful talent, paint your circle with notations that mean something to you. Mine starts with the four directions and goes on from there.

    1. Great idea!! I might paint some elemental cards or some Bindrunes/ sigils
      Thank you so much Sharyn!
      I was planning on casting an actual circle more regularly this coming year. I used to do it al lot but the practice kind of waned. I am not that disciplined

  2. I love that you called the end of the year "the last out breath." That seems so appropriate and also wise, as we let go of 2016 and draw in a new breath for 2017. :)

    1. It just flowed out of my pen or more actually the keys of my laptop :)
      I just realized it is also a new moon tonight so the energy is really focused on new beginnings.