Saturday, December 19, 2015

On my way to freedom

These last two weeks of December I am participating the #MagicSeeker2016 Tarot challenge on IG hosted by @ghostkittenart. The prompt for today is: What energy do I need to help me cultivate more Freedom in 2016?
Since carving out more personal time and freedom is one of the major challenges in my life, I decided  not to pull only one card but three, because all good things come in threes!

From the  The Wild Unknown Tarot I pulled: The Emperor, The Sun and the Five of Wands
The Emperor advises me to keep the reins of my life in my own hand. He is the one who makes the rules and expects both his people and himself to abide by them. He is also not afraid to delegate or ask for help . No emperor can do everything by himself.
I think I might benefit from some kind of schedule or routine which will bring more structure into my days and which will help me to find balance between activity and rest; breathing in and breathing out.
The Sun is a very welcome card for this question. Choosing actively for joy, love and light will help me to prevent losing energy to complaining or whining about everything I have to do or about how tired I am. Just get it done and be happy and content afterwards. Feeling good about yourself is such a great motivator.
The Five of Wands. This card is strongly connected to my word for 2016: Focus. The Five of Wands is an exact representation of my mind when I feel anxious and stressed out by the many things I want to get done All my ideas  and plans and whatnot are all mixed up and they all want to be heard and executed NOW! So for 2016 I am going to try to Focus on only a few tasks or projects at the time and the rest of my ideas will be written down on a “You don’t have to think about this now ” list
So all and all some clear road signs to more freedom in 2016


  1. The Emperor really is a great guide for this question! He can structure how you use your energy (wisely) and make decisions when there is conflict instead of getting embroiled in it. Wear that crown with gusto my friend!

    1. I certainly will Bev. Just yesterday I tried to please everyone by trying to get dinner ready when everyone was at home.
      Tomorrow I am going to buy a microwave lid so dinner can be reheated if somebody is late
      Never too old to learn :D

  2. What a wonderful reading!I have really been enjoying the instagram challenges - though it's easy to sign up for more than you can manage (putting my hand up!). It's great to be among so many like-minded, supportive people on there (yourself included) :D

    1. Thanks Carol I try not to sign up for more then one at the time. Otherwise it starts to feel too much lie a chore :D
      I love being on Instagram for the same reason. So far people( yourself included) have been nothing but kind there

  3. Lovely reading of the Emperor for this question. So often, he seems about rules that restrict freedom, but it's quite true that having a clear structure can also be supportive. It can create the room for freedom by removing the stresses of having too much to do and no clear plan for it. And as you say, the Sun is just perfect!
    Wishing you much focus :)

    1. Thanks Chloe. I often struggle with structure. Too much pressure I guess but I realize no structure can easily lead to chaos. So I have to find that balance you speak of.