Sunday, June 7, 2015

Intuitive Communication - Silent Whispers of the Heart

Gaia Oracle, Intuitive Communication, Toni Salerno
For today I’ve drawn Intuitive Communication - Silent Whispers of the Heart from the Gaia Oracle by Toni Salerno. This is actually my second attempt of writing this post because my laptop managed to shut down Word without prompting me to save the Doc I was working on. You can imagine I didn’t whisper then.
Any way in this depiction we see a woman kissing a tree and while doing so making a connection with the heart, the source of life of this tree. And in turn the tree enfolds her in waves of his energy. 
This card encourages us to become silent. We don’t always have to sit down to meditate in order to find those still moments in a day. We can be working in our garden, riding our bike, washing the dishes or taking a stroll, as long as our mind is quieting down. Often it is even easier for me to be still when I am not meditating but doing something relaxing. As if my mind objects against  this practice of meditation and gets even louder than usual. It is almost as if I have to trick myself into listening to my inner voice.
So these spontaneous quiet moments are great for listening to your intuition, to this little voice, to whatever you name your gut feeling. For that is what it is most of the time: a feeling. I’ve always wondered  how do you hear that inner voice? Well this card tells us it is a silent whisper, a feeling, a flutter but never the less it is there and you have to be ever so mindful to catch it, cherish it and to listen to it with all your heart and most importantly: to trust it!
Affirmation from the guidebook:
I focus on my inner world . . .
I am one with all creation. . . .
All is energetically connected. . . .
I trust my intuition. . . .
My awareness expands through love.


  1. I could have used some quiet moments yesterday for sure. My mind was all over the place...far too noisy to hear the inner voice whispering. I hope you were able to enjoy some moments for yourself. :)

    1. Luckily there will be more days to find some quiet time for yourself. As I have said, doing something simple like weeding the garden is very helpful for me. So yesterday I have picked up my knitting as a meditative activity. :)