Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nine Of Cups - Follow the yellow brick road

My daily draw for today is the Nine of Cups from The Hidden Realm Tarot. Like in the Rider Waite tarot we see one man alone with his cup but he is not smug and complacent and he is fully aware of the challenge of this card. Although we have a lot to be grateful for and we feel content and satisfied, it is our life’s quest to keep looking for the one thing that is truly fulfilling; our hearts desire. This man gazes in his chalice filled with water which he hold carefully in both hands. He looks calm and relaxed. In this cup he sees his hearts reflection; the good and the bad. There is a lot to be grateful for but also a lot of pain and sadness. Yet all these experiences together made him the man he is today and from here his journey will continue. He is going to find his dream and follow it. He knows it won’t be easy but he has enough strength from all the challenges he has overcome already. Although it is tempting to stay put with your cup and reminisce over the good old days the road to the Ten of Cups has to be taken.
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step “. Lao Tzu

PS. This was the first time I've done  my daily draws with one deck for a whole week. It was a good experience. I liked it to immerse myself in the symbolism and artwork of this deck. Throughout the week this deck felt like a constant companion. One thing less choose each day. J


  1. Wow, this card is a lot different than the traditional RWS one! He seems to hold that cup with wonder and tenderness; he shows a lot of gratitude (quite opposite from being smug!). It's Mother's Day here in the States, so I'd like to wish you a special day there too, as I feel like you are such a wonderful mom!

    1. Thank you so much my dear friend! It is Mothers day here too. So from over the wide ocean I sent you heartfelt wishes for wondeful day because in my opinion you are loving and kind mom too