Friday, September 15, 2017

Page of Wands - Don’t forget to fuel your fire

Ravens Prophecey Tarot Page of Wands Maggie StiefvaterToday’s card is the Page of Wands from the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot and instead of a childlike page with a wand in his hand, it depicts a burning match, symbolizing “the raw spark of an idea”. The Page of Wands is all about confidence, curiosity and wanting to experience it all. However, the problem with a single match is that it often burns out before it can start a real fire. We tend to get enthralled by this tiny little flame and forget to give it fuel to make it burn brighter and stronger. This often results in burned fingers and a feeling of disappointment and missed chances. The question we need to ask ourselves is if we want to use this fire to fuel our passion and desire to create, or if want to let it go to waste and wait for the next match to lit up.
We all have those days when great ideas pop up and fly away again but sometimes we need to try to take hold of that spark of inspiration, fuel it and start a fire.
Today I am going to rearrange my altar for this season and I want to try to keep it simple but meaningful.

What are you going to create today?


  1. All it takes is a little tinder to start a bonfire. :) Hope yours is satisfying!
    I think I'll be de-creating with a chainsaw today (we've got some massive limbs down).

    1. It was indeed, Thanks Bev!
      This de-creating might produce a lot of fire wood!

  2. That matchstick made me think of the line in an Elton John song, 'like a candle in the wind' - 'those pop ideas that fly away again.'

    1. And this reminds me of a few lines of "Dust in the wind" by Kansas:
      "All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity
      Dust in the wind
      All they are is dust in the wind"