Monday, September 19, 2016

Three of Wands - Bloom where you're rooted

Today’s card is the Three of Wands from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm.  
Tarot of the Hidden Realm Three of Wands  Tarot of the Hidden Realm  Page of Wands
A lovely couple with their new born child is depicted in this card. They’ve made a commitment to each other and they chose to stick with it for better and for worse. Their love for eachother and their hope for the future have brought a new life into this world. Their lives will never be the same but they are okay with that because this little baby will give them Love and Joy and so much more than they ever dreamed of.
I tend to read cards mostly as a mirror of my soul, so for today I see all three of them as aspects of myself. At the beginning of my adult life, like many of us,  I started to make life changing choices and with each choice I made, other options were ruled out. Little by little my path seems to have less forks in the road and mostly I am okay with that. I mean, I don’t mind that I can’t climb the Mount Everest nor do I miss milking my cows at four o’clock in the morning. I think you get the idea. The older we get the more settled we are becoming and the more rooted we get in our way of life.
Then there is this child, which represents the fruits of our labor, our goals and our passions. How do  I love this child: my children, my paintings, the home I’ve build for my family and my love for them and last but not least the becoming of me.
When I asked the cards to tell me a bit more about this child, I had to laugh because I pulled the Page of Wands. This little child is growing up so fast and he is getting stronger too. He is becoming more and more self aware and comfortable with who he is. He is curious, active and optimistic and loves to learn new things. A lovely guide  for when I want to play some more in my art journal to try out some new techniques  or maybe for when I want to do something completely different than what I'm used to....


  1. I like that Page of Wands. I have been drawing a Page of Wands on the sidelines quite frequently lately. That page is exactly the kind of page that would jump on a frog and take a leap. Maybe both of us need to do something a little daring.

    1. Ha ha He would indeed do something rash like that! I suppose we do. Now it is up to us to actually go do something out of the ordinary. :)

  2. That pair made me imagine a younger brother who is enthusiastic about a sibling because he will eventually have a playmate. And someone to boss around. :)
    Your words made me think of a quote by author Eudora Welty:
    "A sheltered life can be a daring life as well. For all serious daring starts from within."

  3. What a perfect quote for me my dear friend! Thank you so much :)