Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What does Tarot mean to me?

Today I had an interesting conversation with M about which place Tarot has in my life. Words as hobby, interest, obsession, collecting or hoarding, were mentioned. Recently I have shared with you my craving for new stuff etc.  I still think it is not healthy to give in to every budding desire but sometimes there are decks out there you just can’t say no too. For me this is the Ravens prophecy tarot By Maggie Stiefvater. So this afternoon after long consideration I pushed the buy button and I honestly feel so good about it.
To shed some light over the question: “What does tarot mean to me” I pulled three cards from the Anna K Tarot:
Anna K Tarot Three of Pentacles Four of Swords Four of Pentacles
Three of Pentacles. My all time creativity card. Tarot opens for me the door to the creative part of my mind. With each  drawn card there is a question asked and an answer needed. Each time a different answer is required, depending on the question, the surrounding cards or the mood of the reader. Tarot is for me the  Book  of Life made of 78 cards and it’s never finished. 
The other beautiful aspect of this card is the sharing of this creative outlet with other likeminded people and to learn from one another and enjoy each other’s work.
Four of Swords  This card is all about the stories we can create with the cards to tell ourselves when we are troubled. These stories mirror our deepest thoughts and fears. They unlock our unconscious and reveal what is hidden in the abyss. Eventually this will bring us healing and peace of mind.
Four of Pentacles  when I pulled this card I had to laugh out loud. My deck couldn’t have overlooked this aspect. This card urges me to walk the fine line between hoarding and selective collecting
I enjoy playing with my decks a lot. Holding them, shuffling them, flipping through them. Al these things are very relaxing for me. So reading this card more positively I would say I really do enjoy having a physical deck collection.
Seeing the two fours here also made me realize how much support and stability Tarot has brought into my life especially during life’s (inevitable) challenges.

What does tarot mean to you?


  1. It started as an interesting hobby that developed into a spiritual tool. It is like a book of knowledge, but every time I open it, chapters get rewritten! :) It inspires me creatively, works my intuitive muscle, and shines a light in dusty, dark corners that I would prefer not to see. It is also my connection to so many wonderful friends who share the same delight in using it!

    1. Thank you for sharing this here so open-heartedly Bev!
      I've been interested in tarot for so long but sharing it with you and many others online has made this passion come to life in such an unexpected way :)

  2. You always receive such interesting answers from your cards. I can tell they really do support you a lot. You are team in a way. The stability comes from working together.

    I admit my first spark of interest in tarot was due to the plethora of art surrounding it. There was no doubt I'd be a bit of a collector once I started. It took me a very long time to pick up my first deck. I didn't want to own one until I was ready to dedicate time learning how to use them. It is still a slow going process, but I see the cards as friends. They are a friend I can go to for advice I'm unable (or unwilling) to give myself.

    1. For me cards are friends too. You can really build a relationship with them and like with each relationship this does require time and effort
      Sometimes I even call my deck my cardboard therapist :D

  3. Raven's Prophecy was one of those 180-degree turn buys...when I saw it initially I was so put off by the orange borders I didn't even consider it...then I saw a trimmed version...then I clicked submit...then I waited...then I trimmed...then I yielded to the Ravens' wisdom...They've not let me down, it's a wonderful deck.

    I love how you took your question to the cards themselves...and the AnnaK looks lovely here. The Four of Swords in this deck is what made me buy it in the first place.

    1. I am so looking forward to working with the deck! I don't' mind the orange borders. Maybe because I am Dutch. Orange is our national color so I'm used to it :D

  4. I love the answers you received, Ellen! Playful and supportive, and always creative :) And it's such a great question, too.
    When I was a teen, tarot was a game my friends and I played, dreaming of boys or worrying about bullies. Later, it was a far deeper, more spiritual and intuitive way of exploring life. Then, the creativity of blogging and designing spreads, and the service side of reading for others. Spirituality still wound in and through it, as I journey into cards and create spells. Always, though, there is the beauty of the cards, and of the people they are shared with :)

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the subject here Chloe!
      When Intuition is invited to play along so many more layers are added to the game.
      What wonders has this deck of cards brought into your life my friend and it still has so many more opportunities to share with you.
      I am glad it has given us the change to meet :)